1. How to install a Blogger Template ?
2. Why i am not able to install blogger templates? Blogger throws an error.
3. How do I customize my template?
4. How can I edit the menu of my template?
5. Why the date is showing “undefined” in Template?
6. How to display the navbar again in my template?
7. How to display the latest posts or comments on the sidebar?
8. Can I remove the credit for the template?

How to install a Template?

Just Hit The Download Button Of Template.

Then You will get .zip file, right click on it to extract it (You need software like .rar archive to extract it.If you dont have you just search google for its download and you can get that easily and install it.)

Now you will get folder after extracting it, open it and you will get .xml file in it.This is the blogger template to be used by you.

Follow Further steps to upload it to your blog.

Now Login To Blogger With Your Id And Password.

1. Then Go To Blogger Design
2. Then Go To Edit html
3. Click The Browse button and give the path to .xml file you got above
4. Now hit upload button.

5. Now you will be warned by blogger to Keep the widgets you have before on your blog, so just hit the keep widgets button and you are done.

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Why i am not able to install blogger templates? Blogger throws an error.

There are several possible factors that cause an error and stop you from using the template on your blog.

1.The code is directly copied, and Blogger did not interpret it.
2.Temporarily not accepting Blogger templates with certain codes or gadgets.
3.Giving Error ‘Widget Id’s Should be unique’

Possible solutions:

→ If you getting widgets id Error.Just find for that widget name in your blogger html codes and remove that widget.How to Remove that widget will make you clear with below example.

For Example :- You getting error below –

We were unable to save your template.

Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.

More than one widget was found with id: HTML8. Widget IDs should be unique.

Now to get rid of it , Just go to blogger Design > edit/html and press ctrl+F to search for widget name HTML8.Now you should either change widget name or remove that widget to get rid of error.

To change name just name it to random number like HTML78 as you just dont need to have html widget with that number and it will work.

To remove the widget just see below codes.You have to remove the line in red.

<b:section class=’sidebar’ id=’lowerbar2′ preferred=’yes’>

<b:widget id=’HTML8′ locked=’false’ title=’Support Our Services’ type=’HTML’/>


As all codes for widget will start like this and end but only id and type will be different for them.

→ Just backup your blogger widgets codes to notepad file and remove all widgets.Now try to upload template.

→ Clear your browser’s cookies.

→ Trying to upload the template with a different browser (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc).

→ No copy and paste the code directly, upload the xml file.

→ Wait 24 hours and try again.

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How do I customize my template?

Customization of templates all depends on the designer of it how he has assigned css and variables to it.If you using it from default blogger templates,then its very easy.For color and the font size you can change it from the (Dashboard → Design → Fonts and Colors). There you can see the result directly in the template.

If You using any other customized designed templates,then major changes in the templates have to be made from from template css.You needed to know at least a little CSS and HTML to do it. A quick way to modify a template is change the images in the CSS code, with yours and of same dimensions. That is the process to change the header of a design, for example.

Additionally, some templates have their own settings instructions and customization, refer to the template settings page or installation guide of that particular template.

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How can I edit the menu of my template?

There are mainly three type of menus made mostly by blogger designers.

1.Editing links directly from blogger codes.

To Edit Them you will find codes like below in your template.Just find them and edit them.

Go to Blogger Design > Edit Html > Press Ctrl+F find for below code.

<li><a href=’/’>Home</a></li>
<li><a href=’#’ title=’About’>About</a></li>
<li><a href=’#’ title=’Contact’>Contact</a></li>

Just replace # With Blog url and text like contact and about with your text you want to show for that link.

2.Adding the links from LinkList widget in blogger page elements.

Just Go To (Dashboard → Design → Page Elements) and you will find widget like below added in your page elements.Just hit the edit button of linklist widget and widget will open.Just dont give any title to widget and add the links to that widget you want to show in your template.

3.The pages feature by blogger.No need to edit just publish your pages and link will be shown automatically, if widget has been built in your template.

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Why the date is showing “undefined” in Template?

Probably because you do not choose the date format or timestamp format specified for the template to make it work. The format should be changed from the panel (Dashboard → Settings → Formatting → Date Header Format or Timestamp Format) and usually the correct type is:-
Monday, 13 March, 2010.

The template designer uses either the Date Format or Timestamp Format to show the date in template.So option of changing Date Format or Timstamp Format will remove the undefined error from your template.Just first try with Date Format if not working can try make Timstamp format as written above.

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How to display the navbar again in my template?

Login To Blogger and Go to (Dashboard → Design → Edit HTML → Press Ctrl+F) and search for below code :-

#navbar-iframe {

Or Find

div.navbar {


#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Or This

.Navbar {display: none !important;}

If you find code like above delete them to get make your blogger navbar appear again.If you want it to make it disappear, just add any of the above code again to blogger template css.

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How to display the latest posts or comments on the sidebar?

1. Go To Blogger (Dashboard → Design → Page Elements → Add a Page Element).
2. Select a Feed widget, and use the following URL’s:

To show the recent posts:

To display the latest comments:

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Can I remove the credit for the template?

No, the vast majority of templates are licensed under a Creative Commons, GPL or similar license, thus removing the credits would be using an illegal copy of the same. You can simplify the credits or relocate, but not remove them. Remember that the templates are free, so keep the credits is a way to thank those who designed and / or adapt the template.

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