How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer – One of the fewest disappointments of getting an Android device is that its battery doesn’t have as much backup as our previous feature phones had. With all those apps and games and 24-hour online lifestyle with your Android, you aren’t likely to get the same level of battery backup from your device. However, there are surefire ways that can significantly improve the battery backup causing your android spend less juice from your battery.

How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer
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Tune Display Brightness to Low

Your Android’s high resolution (or whatever resolution it’s got) eats the most of your battery juice. This one simple tweak in my device dramatically improved the overall backup of the battery. All you really need to do is reduce the display brightness of your device. This will cause your phone or tablet to draw less charge from the battery and eventually improve the backup.

To slide your display brightness to low, all you have to do is follow the simple process:

Go to Settings. You can go to settings by usually pressing the menu button while you’re on the home screen.

Go to Display.

Tap Brightness.

The display brightness slider will be there to move left or right. I usually put the display around 50% to 60%. The lowest the best. And you can definitely change it whenever you’re in need.

Turn Data Transfer Off

If not Wi-Fi, you are probably using data connection provided by your cellular network. Be it 4G or 3G, you always find it fascinating to stay always online to receive @replies, Facebook messages and your email. However, this is what causes your device to consume a significant amount of charge. I find it wise to turn the data transfer off by default and turn it on multiple times a day. Unless you’re a busy person (such as businessman) who needs to respond to email or @replies right away, you should do it, too. This is what made a dramatic increase in battery backup on android.

Here are the steps to turn data traffic off:

Go to Settings.

Tap on Wireless & Networks.

Scroll down and tap on Mobile Networks.

Tap on Data Enabled to uncheck the box.

While the box is unchecked, the phone is not permitted to transfer any data over the cellular network. There is a shortcut/widget on my phone that lets me turn on/off data traffic right from the home screen. There are chances that your device has it, too. Look up for it on shortcuts and widgets on your home screen and you might just find it.

Turn off Wi-Fi

If you weren’t relying on your cellular network for Internet access on your device, chances are you were using Wi-Fi network, right? Well, if you’re not using Internet 24 hours constantly, you should turn off your Wi-Fi receiver as soon as you’re done. Your Wi-Fi receiver consumes battery power. Why drain the charge when you actually don’t need it?

To turn off Wi-Fi, go to Wireless & networks, uncheck the WiFi box.

Turn off GPS

Global Positioning System is definitely an awesome thing. You get to see yourself on the map right where you are. If you’re on a vehicle, you can even see it moving. But when your device is idle in your pocket, there is no need for that GPS.

Wise people turn that thing off when they don’t need it. You can ask them.

To turn off GPS, simply go to Settings, Location & Security, and uncheck GPS option.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

You don’t know what is always happening in the background of your phone and which app is running and updating. Because not every time you can have a check on it. One or the other app keep on consuming the battery of your phone as goes into its updating processor running process. So you just at least uninstall the apps you don’t use or use very less. It will save your battery a lot in long run basis.

Strong Network

It is said if your phone is getting strong signals it will consume less battery as compared to poor signals. So just avoid keeping your phones to your pocket and keep in open. Just adjust its position where it gets full strong signals if you can do it.

Rooting Your Android

You can also root your android device but be careful as it can void your phone warranty. But after rooting it will get very fast and you can exploit to full with any application you want. If you want to root you can do it using the poot apk. But not sure you can utilise this method or not so I am not recommending this method to you.


These aren’t definitely the only ways to protect your Android device from draining battery charge more than necessary. There are background apps running that you probably don’t need. There are even some apps that do the job of reducing battery power consuming for you. But I don’t use or recommend them to anyone. The best thing you can do to save battery power has common sense. But if you’re forgetful, you might wanna try out one of those apps available on Google Play. Other Post of our partner’s blog which you may like Top Apps For Doctors, Hope You like it.

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