Migrating WordPress Blog From One Host To Other – My Experience

Hello, friends today I am gonna share with you my experience of migrating the WordPress blogs from one host to another. As most of the bloggers at some point have to move on to another host. Reason can be many like host not good, got to get cheap plans or change plans for heavy traffic, grwoing blogs and many more. Me having one of those reasons migrated my seven blogs from one host to another.

wordpress blog migration one host to another

As there are plenty guides telling you the tutorial of how to do it. All guides are same as there is a no different method in doing so. Either you can do with help of plugins or do manually. So I will not waste time on putting the migration guide as that you can check from your host too. Every host has proper written guide on it.

The important part is the problems we face while doing it. Nobody will come and help you with them. You can expect little help from host support but to small extent. As many are charging heavy fees for blog migration or only some are providing free in their hosting package. As I migrated 7 sites in 24 hours for the first time without any help and so faced a lot of problems and resolved myself.

So my experience gonna help you for sure if you face any of these problems. So guys go through completely as I am sure this will help you out if you are in some sought of trouble while migration.

There two methods to migrate One By Plugin and second manually. So I first went with plugin method. The plugin named Duplicator. As I said, will not go with a guide on how to move the site, for moving your blog with duplicator plugin with zero downtime, you can read for a guide on wpbeginner on how to move a WordPress blog to a new host with this plugin. Its very clean written guide and easy to understand.

My Experience On Using Duplicator Plugin

I read the complete guide as i mentioned above and started following the steps. It took me some time to understand it but anyhow I was able to move one site to WordPress successfully. I was happy as I did it for the frist time and at the end looked very easy. So, I started moving other sites too but anyhow I was not able to migrate any other site using this method.

I really tried a lot to get a fix and let my other blog work but was unsuccessful. I got so frustrated that even removed the previous blog which I was able to migrate, to check why only that blog moved successfully.

Actually the major issue with this method what I realised, I was not able to know the problem what is wrong in the move. If you will not come to know where the problem is how you will solve it.

So, I was left with no other option to use the manual method to move my blogs. As this is the best method and every hosting company also follows it.

Though this method is too easy and will do your work in minutes but the problems you can face in migration are a lot and of many types so better try manual one. OLD is GOLD.

My Experience On Moving My WordPress Blogs Manually

In this method, you need to have a download backup copy of all the content from previous server and database copy too. As I will not discuss the tutorial here. You can read the nice tutorial by harsh Agarwal on Shoutmeloud follow it.

Now I started to migrate with this method and faced different problems for different sites at different levels. So to keep it simple and easy for you to understand I will take all 7 sites one by one and share all problems I faced with solutions to them.

Site 1

I moved this site and was completely successful in moving it to another host. As this site 1 was same as I did with duplicator plugin in above method. So it felt I will be able to do rest blogs with no ease.

But there was problems with other blogs which i couldn’t rectify with above method. And i faced it in this method too. So keep reading to know what was the actual problem.

Site 2

Now I tried moving the second blog and did same as I did for site 1. But when I loaded the blog it didn’t open. Then i checked all things again and was unsuccessful.

When I was not able to sort the problem I tried with site 2 and site 3, again failed to move them. Now it was clear either there was some same problem in all sites or some mistake I was making in migrating.

But chances of mistake was less as i was succesful in moving site 1. So i need to rectify the problem.

At the end trying hard and hard I was successful to move my second blog because I came to knew the problem and after that, I was able to transfer my all blogs.

After migration of the second blog, whan i opened the blog I was getting HTTP 500 ERROR.

When you get this error or any internal server error, most common problems are a corrupt .htaccess file, Increasing the PHP Memory Limit, Due to any Plugin or any file has been missed while transferring. You can read about all four problems and how to fix them in this explained article.

Now I went to my File manager > public_html > example.com > error_log

There it was showing the path which was not allowing to load my site. And this time it was a sgcachepress plugin from Siteground. As its cache plugin from Siteground which works only in Siteground, the previous host I was using.

So I just followed the path in my File manager > public_html > example.com > Wp Content > Plugins > sgcachepress as shown in error log file and deleted it. And yippee my site got loaded with no problems at all.

Now i opened WP Dashboard and it was also working fine. So I finished with Site 1 this way.

Site 3

Now I was happy as in this site I will face no problem at all. I followed everything same and the site was not loading again. I again checked error log file and this time it was one file in the counter plugin I was using. So, I deleted it instead of deleting the plugin. The site started loading and I was happy.

One problem was still there some images were not loading in my blog. I checked again all image paths and their links everything was fine. Again my mind screwed, but then I noticed my sidebar was also loading due to the counter widget.

So this time I deleted the plugin it completely and images started loading and this way my site 3 migration was successful.

Site 4

Now I started with site 4 and at the end again some problem was in the way. I again checked error log file and this time was same Sgcache press plugin and I removed it completely. The site started loading and images were still not loading.

As all images path and files were moved correctly. So where was the problem . So I log in to WordPress dashboard and deactivated all plugins this time and images started loading. So there was a problem in one of the plugins.

Now I activated all plugins one by one to see which is creating a problem. This time was WP Subscribe plugin. I removed it and blog started working fine with images.

Site 5

I did this blog within few minutes and was up running. But I checked to see some images in between was not loading. As the problem was new because in the previous blog all images were not loading but here some were not loading.

This problem can happen as may be a path to some images got a miss or broken while migration but I checked all and was up to mark.

Again I checked carefully and found the names of images in weird characters. But in original backup copy, it was ok. This time again I got the error. As this was because images names were saved in different languages as this blog was not in English language and while migration it changed to some special characters. So images were not loading.

Now again I migrated those images folder individually and it transferred with same language characters. As it happens because sometimes due to compression on folders it can’t handle the original name.

So if you face this problem just transfer those folders individually, in place of complete database.

Site 6

Now, this is the one site that loaded perfectly. No Problem at all. Images were also loading fine. One more important thing, it was WordPress multisite with subdirectory and I did it correctly.

But this happiness lasts not too long. I opened the WP-Admin dashboard and it was not opening. It was showing some error like missing this file. File was missing because this blog was heavy in content and while migration it missed some file.

I just looked up for the file for the previous host and upload to the new server to the desired path. Now I loaded and it started showing another file missing. I uploaded it too and last my WP Dashboard started working and my work for this site also completed.

Site 7

Now, this was my last site but don’t worry it troubled me more than all. I took help from host support to get it resolve.

Site 7 of mine was WordPress Multisite with a subdomain. When I transferred the blog everything worked and the main blog started loading with all images.

The problem was my subdomain to it was not loading. I tried all steps to check like .htaccess file, wp-config file, uploaded database and content again but was not able to do it fine as subdomain was loading to host but not opening the content.

I took to support and problem was that subdomain was not getting the path from where to load the content.

Support team immediately gave the path and everything was working fine this time.

This is how I was able to migrate my all 7 sites to a new host in 24 hrs time.

As this is my experience but you can face many another different type of problems. So what you have to do is just follow the path to check the problems. When you will get to know them, you can solve it easily.

Important points to summarise from my experience and help you solve the basic problems while Migration

1) Check For the Error You getting while Loading Your site, it will help you go in right direction to diagnose the problem.

2) Always check for error log file as it shows the problem what exactly host getting to load your blog.

3) Most of the times problem can be in your .htaccess and wp-config file also.

4) If images not loading problem can be in broken path or images in a folder. Check paths carefully and be careful if your blog is in another language than English with names of images.

5) If Wp-Dashboard don’t open error is always with files in your wp-admin folder. Check for all file and mostly you would have missed any while migration.

6) Always check for the plugins as maximum times they are creating a problem. Deactivate them from Cpanel by renaming the plugins folder with plugins_old for some time and it will let you know about the problem in plugins or not.

7) When I migrated to new host they put me on PHP version 5.4 which is old. Maybe due to this cause, my plugins were creating a problem. So you can check for PHP version also after migration. Latest is PHP 7, you can go with it.

8) When we moving the large sites chances are alot more of missing small files. So keep proper care and track them so as not to miss them.

So in this way my wordpress blogs migration was done successfully. And my experience which i am sharing with you also come to end. I know I have not shared the exact problem but list of problems to solve. But if you follow carefully, after reading this post, you will be able to rectify and diagnose any problem yourself and solve it.

You can comment below to ask if you have any problems in it.

Have A Nice Day Friends !!! And Please share if you like it !!

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