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Magnesiumize is a three column Gallery template and first new template of this type on blogger.The theme is also available on wordpress designed by paddsolutions.The most important part of the template is the hover over image effect on it.The template has also very beautiful logo.Other features in this template is the featured slider.The search bar is also added at the top right of the template.Four column footer has also been added to add your extra widgets.Pages are working fine in the template and comments section also made nicely.Supporting every blogger feature with seo for title been done.

Other templates of mine which you may also like are Kodzilla and Work-a-holic.


  • Header Logo
  • With download link you will get psd for logo.Just make yours logo from it.

    Now go to Blogger Design > Page Elements

    You will find header widget just hit edit button and upload your header logo image and checkmark the option of showing it in place of title and description and save it.

  • How To Do Post
  • Now when you do any post in this template,Use the below format to do your posts, then the template will work perfect for you.

    <div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”IMAGE-URL-HERE” /></div>

    Post Description…

  • Editing Slider Posts
  • Below are the all codes to gallery.You need to edit them to have your title and images.If you don’t want slider remove all codes below.

    Go to edit html and find for below codes and follow the instructions told to edit the Slider.

    <b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>

    <div id=’featured’>
    <div class=’pad’>
    <div class=’box box-featured’>
    <div class=’interior’>
    <div id=’jquery-cycle’>
    <div class=’list’>

    <!– start item –>
    <div class=’item append-clear’>

    <a class=’image’ href=’#’>
    <img height=’205′ src=’×205%5B1%5D.jpg’ width=’309’/></a>

    <div class=’meta’>

    <h3><a href=’#’>The Rise of Web Empires</a></h3>

    <p class=’date’><span>Aug 11, 2010</span></p>

    <p>Non cum odio elementum dapibus? Sit turpis, cursus lacus? Quis est hac? Sed duis dignissim ultrices. Elementum aenean, amet tincidunt. Amet, nec? Natoque augue, integer tincidunt penatibus dolor urna nisi lorem turpis, dolor aenean nunc ac. Rhoncus cras sit, purus, egestas facilisis! Pellentesque duis et ridiculus arcu</p>


    <!– end item –>

    <!– Start item –>
    <div class=’item append-clear’>

    <a class=’image’ href=’#’><img height=’205′ src=’×205%5B1%5D.jpg’ width=’309’/></a>

    <div class=’meta’>

    <h3><a href=’#’>Hydrogenize WordPress Theme WordPress 3.0 Compatible</a></h3>

    <p class=’date’><span>Jul 7, 2010</span></p>

    <p>We are very pleased to announce that Hydrogenize WordPress theme is our first theme to be WordPress 3.0 compatible. Built with a better framework, Hydrogenize WordPress theme comes with lots of new features: 5 color themes, popular posts, social media integration, advertisement options, twitter integration, featured video&</p>


    <!– end item –>

    <!– start item –>
    <div class=’item append-clear’>

    <a class=’image’ href=’#’><img height=’205′ src=’×205%5B1%5D.jpg’ width=’309’/></a>

    <div class=’meta’>

    <h3><a href=’#’>Happy Holidays</a></h3>

    <p class=’date’><span>Dec 22, 2009</span></p>

    <p>December is the best time of the year. Padd Solutions wishes you the best of the holiday season! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sed felis. Aliquam sit amet felis. Mauris semper, velit semper laoreet dictum, quam diam dictum urna, nec placerat elit nisl&</p>


    <!– end item –>



    Just you need to edit the

    # in red with post url
    blue link with image link
    text in bold with post title
    text in green with post description
    text in gray is the date

    As this for one item as i have pointed them by marking its start and end.

    Similarly you have to edit for another item and then for next.

I hope its easy to do and you can use this template now.
Let me know your reviews about the template and for any problems also you can leave the comments.


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