30+ Premium Like Gallery Blogger Templates Free

30+ Premium Like Gallery Blogger Templates and all free to download.Yes friends as you all know now we have made blogger to work all types of templates as themes work on wordpress.And much effort has been made on making gallery templates so far and have made blogger reach to run all the complex gallery templates with so ease, that nobody can think of.As from past year there have been made lot gallery templates and all have been the best so far and premium one which are being given by the all below template authors for free, which spent a lot time on making this for you.So below comes the list for the premium like blogger gallery templates which you can use for free.

1)Cellar Heat Light Gallery

2)Showcase Light






8)Photoplus Light

9)My Showcase

10)Hybrid Gallery

11)Blogger Tube

12)Bingo Gallery

13)AllBlogTools Gallery

13)Entertainment Gallery

14)Tequilas Flamejantes

14)Simplex Gallery


16) BlueFolio

17) WP Showcase

18) Photo Gallery

19) Work-A-Holic

20) Simplex

21) Mosaicus

22) Simplex Portfolio

23) Photo-Blog

24) Mashup

25) Gallery

26) VideoPhotoGame

27) Snapshot

28) CssGallery

29) Magnesiumize


wasim khan said...

Hi, Keep it up the great work. Thanks for nice sharing.

Afif said...

Hi Anshuldudeja,
Thanks for including our themes :)

Anshul said...

@afif your templates are very good , me too need to learn from you :)

Beben said...

i like number 4.sGallery
nature theme....hohohoho

kumar said...

Hi anshuldudeja,

Thank you for including my Photo Gallery Blogger template.

Mukund said...

The list is pretty unique and I love the compilation of all the premium templates. But, please check out this template before you publish the next list - Ultimate Blogging Theme For Blogger

Shri Krishna said...

Hey, They were really awesome, would like to use one for my new photography blog.

//Sub/Corpus said...

nice list ...
i think i like simplex ...
gonna check it out now ...
blogger theme hunting is no easy task ... :)
thanks for sharing ...

Safwan Ahmad said...

simplex seems to be built for my needs!

deepak said...

my search ended here....... very good collection

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