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Work-a-holic is a free minimalistic two and three column blogger theme that focuses mainly on showcasing portfolios for artists, web designers, photographers and illustrators.And really it is the best theme you would have ever used on blogger.Theme is fully automatic in functionality.No need to take pains in posting , just post as you were you doing before.The template is especially made for photo blogs.The template is completely in magazine style with all blog features working in it including pages by blogger.Three column footer has also been built to give you extra space to add widgets for homepage.

The two same type gallery templates which you can also like are sGallery and emperors.

Features Of The Template

  • Featured Section

  • Twitter Widget

  • Fixed Width Template

  • Three Column Blogger Template

  • Right Sidebar

  • Menu Links

  • Three column Footer

  • Magazine Style

  • Photoblog

  • Compatible With Mozilla, Chrome and IE7

I request you to Please Back Up your blogger template and all blogger widgets to your desktop or just copy paste all sidebar widgets codes to notepad and save to your desktop for further use in this template.


  • Editing Mneu Links At Top

  • In blogger Design >Edit/html, you will find the below codes.Just edit them as i told below.

    <!-- Navigation -->
    <ul class='sf-menu'>
    <li><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>About</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Contact</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Archives</a></li>

    Replace # with your links and corresponding text with linking text.

  • Editing Twitter Username

  • In blogger Design >Edit/html, you will find the below codes.Just replace it with your twitter username.


    Rest three widgets are made at bottom to add footer widgets and one HTML widget is at top to add welcome message to your blog like i have added at left of twitter.

If yo have any other problems you can leave your comment below.


khaled said...

This template is amazing!
thank you , it’s great

siwlass said...

nice template for picture
thx for sharing

wasim khan said...

Hi, I really like your hard work. Thanks for nice shearing.

Admin said...

good. how to change the size of pics appear in home page.. my pics are in square shape.. so the thumbnails are not looking good.. pls tell how to change the size

Anshul said...

@admin ya u can have your size but for it i need to chnage all homepage desing to make it square or redesign the homepage for you.For it you have to use our premium service.

amkhmer said...

hi admin you template soo nice how can i get this template u use
send me


Sodiyc & Acun said...

wow .. thanks.
I like, and please help to design the blog

Anshul said...

@sodiyc how can i help u by removing all credit links from footer.

MatiLda & Rachael said...

Good Job ! How do I make the rectangular pictures square ?

Anshul said...

@mati lda its chnage size only but not easy as have to adjust many things with it. :)

Vishal said...

Hello! Anshul,
Yesterday I bumped on your template, (work-o-holic) and I realized that I am in love at first site! nice meticulous work, you pay high attention to the details, I installed the template and my blog looks fabulous except for one problem, The sidebar in my blog is not seen at all although in the page elements menu I can see my widgets stacked in the sidebar. Even more, if I try to drag and drop some widgets from sidebar to footer area it's not working. My blog is here ht*p:// Please have a look at my blog and can you tell me where is the problem and how to solve it.

Anshul said...

@vishal dont know everthing right to me here and ya i too try dropping thats problem and i dont think its much imp to search and correct , as its wasting time. You can add directly if u these templats are complex so some small drawbacks they always have.

Rj said...

why is that when i post more than one blog topic, it puts into another page? how can i fix that? pls reply quickly its for a final!

MUXLIMO said...

Hallo Anshul..
How to change content's font-size and erase the image border in the post??

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