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Emperors is a two column blogger template with right sidebars with post section to left.The theme is designed by wpthemedesigner and converted by me to blogger template.The template looks really stunnnig with simple looks.Top menu links are ready for you.Search box is ready in sidebar for your blog.You can use it as photoblog,as i have made it like it.If you have no images still no problem as default image will appear for all posts if post doesn't contain any image.Advertisement section is ready for your blog at top of the blog and in sidebar too.I hope you will like this for sure.

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Template Installation

  • Two Top Menu Links

  • Just find for below codes and edit the links and text with yours.

    <div class='navcontainer'>
    <ul id='nav'>
    <li class='current-cat'><a Title='Home' expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-3'><a href='#' title='View all posts filed under About'>About</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-4'><a href='mailto:#' title='Contact'>Contact</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-5'><a href='' title='Log In'>Log In</a></li>

    <div class='navcontainer1'>
    <ul id='nav1'>
    <li class='current-cat'><a Title='Home' expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-3'><a href='#' title='View all posts filed under About'>About</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-4'><a href='mailto:#' title='Contact'>Contact</a></li>
    <li class='cat-item cat-item-5'><a href='' title='Log In'>Log In</a></li>

  • Sidebar Adds

  • Just find below codes and edit them or remove them if you don't want sidebar adds.

    <div class='box'>
    <div class='sponsors'>
    <a href='/'><img src=''/></a>
    <a href='/'><img src=''/></a>
    <a href='/'><img src=''/></a>
    <a href='/'><img src=''/></a>

  • Default thumbnail For Posts Without Images

  • Just find below image link and change it with yours, if you want.


Scookies said...

nice, i like it, thanks!

Vince Bravo said...

Thanks for this beautiful template.
But when I used it, the homepage only shows the first five posts. All my posts have images in them. What might have gone wrong?

Anshul said...

@vince select how many posts you want to show from blogger settings or from edit button of blog posts widget in layout.

Francesco said...

Thank you for this great template, but i have a problem in static pages, i see only the thumbnail like when i arrive in the main page.

Can you help me? i really like this template, but i need 2 static pages... thank you in advance

Anshul said...

@francesco ya you are right.The problem is with static pages in these types of designs as we didn't considered it while desgning as were designed before static pages.In these templates we define post section twice one for hope page and second for post page and static pages are taking the section for home page so problem is there.Me not able to find permanent solution to it.But will let you know if i got it.

Francesco said...

Ok thank you! Let me know if you find a solution.

Vince Bravo said...

I did adjust the number of posts to be displayed both in the layout and settings tab but my blog still shows 5 posts. A number less than 5 works but more than that does no effect. Could my problem be brought by the "Auto Pagination" that Blogger implemented last month?>>

Anshul said...

@vince ya it can be i am not sure how exactly they implemented and has been aplied to all blogs or not.One of my reader before also reported that problem in other template.I will inform after i get exact information about it.

l'administrateur said...

your template is very beautiful, I chose it for my blog on blogger but I have a problem. I want just a classic post and not thumbnails because I haven't got a photoblog.
I come back to see your blog to see if you want to help me
exuce me for my poor English because I'm French

Anshul said...

Just read more hack with thumbnail is instaled in it.Below are codes in template to adjust with.

summary_noimg = 0;
summary_img = 0;
img_thumb_height = 185;
img_thumb_width = 280;

increase or decrease these variables value as name suggests what they stand
summary with no image
summary with image
Image width
image height

Kelly said...


The alignment on this template is out when openned in IE. But is working fine on Firefox.
Why is this happening? Can this be fix?
kiie06 @ gmail

Anshul said...

@kelly its fine in ie7 as dont know about ie6 as we dont consider it in dsigning now.

Kelly said...

Thanks Anshul for the prompt reply.
Same as Vince Bravo's problem. My blog can not show more than 15 posts even though I had it set at 20. Hmmm....

Can we click on the image to go into the post? Right now we only can click on the title.

Can I make it to show 3 columns of post, instead of 2 columns right now?

I'm using it for my fabric catalog :

This is a brilliant gallery/photoblog template.

I am looking forward for using it on more of my photoblog/catalog blog.

I couldn't thank you more. You should put a paypal button here so that I can buy you a cup of coffee. :)

Anshul said...

@kelly post is limited to 15 automatically by blogger.As you can read post by blogger

To make click image you just need to embed image in post instead of linking it.Dont give link to image only embed in post then it ill be clickable at least to all mozilla users.

And paypal button is in my sidebar you can use it for me to buy a coffee :)

Kelly said...

I just did! Hope it can buy you a decent cup of coffee :)

I really love my blog template right now, even more than my wordpress one. Looking at your template, I am definitely going back to blogger. :D

Anshul said...

@kelly thanks and ya sure 3 usd will buy me an good coffee in india.

littlenailofar said...

hello anshul..

i've tried embedding the pictures but still failed to make it click image. can you show how to do it?

loved this brilliant template. i'll be using this for my business blog :)

thank you...

Anshul said...

2little image will be clikable in mozilla if first image of your post is embeded.Embed code is

<img src="Image_Url-Here"/>

Kelly said...

Anshul, I tried using your code to embed the picture but I still can't click on the picture. I am using Mozilla.

Anshul said...

@kelly as you can see my demo blog i have used embeded images and they are clickable.Do on ething use below codes to post and do as demo post on your blog and check it.

<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="" /></div>

Kelly said...


Really sorry to bother you again, but I tried

img src=""
(i have to remove the tags, as your comment box does not allow it)

Image is still not clickable. Perhaps I have to do something in the main layout html?

dioswkg said...

Is there anyway to start the page at the red bar links. I wanna remove the top part of the theme.

I can removed the top links and also the stuff above it (text and image) but I can't "push" the red bar to the top of the page.


Anshul said...

@kelly as i have done same post and in my demo blog its clickable as you can see too.Might be you have chnaged some codes in template.

@disowkg ya top is complete image so you cant do.You have design that image background and also reconstruct the css for header then only you can make it as you want.

zero_prince said...

hi Anshul!
first of all i'm very proud of you, cos i'm also south asian as you!!! weldone bro!
and i'm gonna use this template in my video blog. the problem is how to show video image thumbnail in front page.
cos each my post content is a video. of cos i can add a photo to each my post so it will show on thumbnail, but it's doesn't look very nice in single post.
please me!!!

Anshul said...

@zero if your content is video i will suggest you to use this template.

zero_prince said...

Thanks bro! but blogger tube is supporting only you-tube videos so far. it's also a nice template. but i thought you can make some changes here. i'm not very good at developing stuff bro! ;) if you can share your valuable time for this i really appreciate, any way bro thank you very much! love these templates. this is the best collection bro!

Anshul said...

@zero ya it only supports youtube video.Actually the template you want for videos i think is not available then on blogger for free.Template can be made like you post thumbnial of video and then video.When you click post only video appears.This format can be made but not automatic like bloggertube.For this need to design special template only keeping in mind for videos.In future i will think of making this template as now i am busy with many projects.If you want it for sure, then you can get this designed from us by using premium services.

Kelly said...

Hello Anshul,
I downloaded your template again and re-install but the picture is still not clickable. Can you please double confirm?

Kelly said...

Hi Anshul

Can you please check the script for clickable thumbnail?

Anshul said...

@kelly just invite me to your blog and grand me admin for some time i will ckeck.My id is anshulaffprg[at]

Nalini Hebbar said...

I can't find the 'sponsor' in the how do I go about it?

Anshul said...

@nalini just go to blogger layout > Edit Html > Press Ctrl+ F and find for sponsors codes which i have told you above in template installation for sidebar adds.

wcheow said...

i have the same issue here as the blog only show 5 posts instead of 15, even after i set the limit to 20.

Anshul said...

@wcheow read this to make it clear

Paco Zuleta said...

Regards Anshul,
I want to use your template to share photographic textures with my students, but I find that the problem of vertical pictures are not good, how could I do?

Thank you.

Anshul said...

@paco ya the images autosize to fix width and height on home page.No solution for it

Paco Zuleta said...

Do not worry and thank you very much. Looks good too.

forum100 said...

hello there... can you make the same template for wordpress :))). because the original one doesn't work the way yours does. please???

samara said...

Thank you for the good template.How can I add my own pictures(thumbnail)

Anshul said...

@samara just 1st image you use in your post is made auto thumbnail.

bhupathi said...

Anshul have you found the solution to the static pages.
and is it possible place the adsense ad code or make ad(size 125X125) visible in the place of the images in sponsors column.

Thanks for the template.

Admin said...

how to add the logo/header image ??

Anshul said...

@admin just browse through the image from header widget and add it.

SMS GURU said...

hello anshul ji

i like you blog template too much

i want to know that how to remove default post image thumb..

Anshul said...

@sms it is the readmore hack with thumbnail used in it have to remove it.Find it in my blog will come to know how to do.

telugu cinema stills said...

hi friend thanks excellent template. now iam using this template but it displays 3 posts only .iwant to display 10 posts in my blog home page ..and i tried to blogger settings or from edit button of blog posts widget in layout after that also it does not work .plz plz plz tell me the solution

Anshul said...

@telugu read it

Interboy said...

How do I made a dropdown menu?

debabrata said...

nice template. i am facing one problem. my post titles are little big and you have provided one line only. how i can increase that, so that the full title will shows.

Vinh said...

thanks I installed for domain

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