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Simple is best is two column blogger template, with an fixed width design.Just very simple to install and with very high quality images in it.The best part is looks awesome in design,with an welcome message feature or write about the author feature with an navigational menu links included in it with any easy linklist widget,to add them.The rss widget is ready in it.Two column footer has also been installed in it to show of your recent posts and comments.

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marvin said...

nice template.. .. I am looking for template for photo blog . Hope to find one.

UMM..ILA.. said...

macam mana nak tukar template ni,pliz help me..

frailpink said...

love this template!!! but how can i use the tabs? please? thank you!

Anshul said...

@frailpink just add them from linklist in blogger layout

Anu Karthik said...

Hi Anshul,

When I add the linklist the links appear below the 4 tabs, how do i fix that?

Anu Karthik said...


one more question, how do I link to the recent posts and recent comments and make it show at the bottom of the blog?


Anshul said...

@anu just remove the title of that linkist from which you adding linklist And for footer you have one small add a elemnt button at bottom mid of layout in page elements just add widget from there name add rss content from other and write your feed adress there like this http://your-blog-name/feeds/posts/default and continue and siilarly for comments http://your-blog-name/feeds/comments/default

Silla said...

Thank you so much for converting this to blogger! It's such a pretty layout, and it's perfect for my blog :)

However, I am having some problems with it. In the top menu in the header the link text is not centered on the tabs, and the link itself (the clickable area) is also misaligned. For example the link on the last tab is actually the RSS link, and the proper link for the last tab is only a few millimeters wide near the start of the tab. I see that your demo also has this problem. Is there a way to fix it?

I am also having some problems with the Recent Posts and Recent Comments widgets at the bottom of the page. They are misaligned and don't match the style of the rest of the layout like they do in the demo.

Then there's also a problem with the Twitter widget, which shows up perfectly but doesn't match the style of the layout either. I'm not sure if you can help me with that though, because it's probably a problem with the widget and not the layout.

If you could help fix these problems it would be greatly appreciated! :) If you need to see the problems for yourself, you can see my blog at . Thank you!

Anshul said...

@silla ya n top menu alignment problem is there. Actually i made links inbuilt for it that need to edited from codes they were properly aligned.But to make simple i made linklist so that users can use easily.So solution is only to have remove linklist and make inks from codes.
Link on last tab is rss as no such problem in template and nor appearing to me in demo and yours too.

In recent posts and comments just add select rss widget and add your feed url only show only titles not description you making some mistake.

In twitter i can't help as hat widget control not in my hands.And if you really want use this Just give me admin to taht your demo blog and i will do in seconds and you can use.

Silla said...

Thanks for the extremely fast reply, Anshul! I've fixed the recent posts and comments widgets. I also realized why you don't see the problem with the RSS link (and the search link and input area, which I only noticed today) - the links use absolute positioning in relation to the sides of the browser window, but the background surrounding the center part of the blog stretches according to your window size. So depending on how wide your browser window is, the RSS and search links might or might not be in the right place.

Create Wealth, Collect Wealth, Live Wealth! said...

HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE TO DOWNLOAD? My message says that the "file cannot be opened because Simple is is still downloading"...I really want a template that allows my photos. Any suggestions?

Anshul said...

@create its getting download fine.

Mildly Fabulous said...

Hi I love this template, thank you. I am having a hard time finding a visitor counter that matches with the theme. Can you recommend any? Thanks :)

Val said...

Is there a way for me to just get rid of the Recent Posts and Recent Comments?? Like an alternate bottom frame? Thanks!

Val said...

I couldn't find a 'rss feed' widget??? Help please!!

Anshul said...

2val you cant get rid of recent pots and comments as its complete image for footer.And rss feed widget is working fyn.

Rina said...

Hi Anshul,

i tried uploading the template to my blog however it failed. Could you assist me in doing this?


Anshul said...

@rina what problem you facing.Just download the template from above link.You will get .zip file.
Extract it to your pc then you will get folder.Find for .xml file in that folder.Now Just upload that .xml file to your blogger.

"NLE" said...

Anshul, how can I adjust the way my name appears in the title for the template? I'd like to make it bigger and change the font

Anshul said...

@nLe just go to edit html and find for this code
font: normal normal 200% Georgia, Serif;
Just chnage font family and also 200% to chnage size.

José said...

Anshul, my sincere congratulations. You are an excelent designer.
Superb templates!
I've got just one question: do you know why "simple is best" appears on IE6 all messed up (though ok on recent browsers), but "Painted life", for instance, appears ok on IE6?
The reason I'm asking is that although I like them both, I would prefer to use "simple is best", and as you know, IE6 is still (!!!) the most used browser in the world.
So, is there a fix I can use? :-)

Anshul said...

@jose no IE6 is not the most used browsr now.No designers are considering it in making designs.except some who provide premium designs.IE6 has been declared dead man.Even i am too not considering any template design compatibilty with IE6 bcz we now use IE7 as now its defualt browser with windows.

princess gwon said...

Im a newbie here and i don't know how to add to a blogger template to my blogspot.
can someone help me about it.
all the procedures needed(step-by-step please),i want to make my blog cute and nice.

Alonica Abad said...

What a great templates!!!!
You are a really good template designer!!!
Keep up a good work!!!
By the way can you give me a suggestions on how to be more creative and attractive my blog?
Like Apps,etc?

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