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Mayumi is a free premium like blogger template which all you will be going to like for sure.It is two column template with many inbuild features and ready widgets inside it.Some of the main features are navigational menu links and and three main pages section for your blog.Rss widget is ready,twitter and facebook buttons are also build inside it.Main features are slider gallery for your posts and related posts widget installed in it.It also consists of three column footer.Retweet button is also fixed in it.You gonna like its comment system too for sure.You can have beautiful header image by using theme psd fles and edit them for your logo and sitename.

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Mayumi Template Installation

  • Logo, Sitename and Site-description

  • Just First download three psd files for logo,sitename ans site-description from here :- and edit them to your site names.

    Now find below image codes and replace them with your images you created after editing Psd files.

    For Logo-Image:-

    For Site-Name:-

    For Site-Description:-

  • Home-About-Contact-Page

  • Find below codes:-

    <div class='box-group-1'>
    <div class='box box-mainmenu' id='mainmenu'>
    <h2>Main Menu</h2>
    <div class='interior'>
    <li class='current_page_item'><a href='/' title='Home'><span class='l'><span class='r'><span class='c'><span><span>Home</span></span></span></span></span></a></li>
    <li class='page_item page-item-13'><a href='/about' title='About'><span class='l'><span class='r'><span class='c'><span><span>About</span></span></span></span></span></a></li>
    <li class='page_item page-item-18'><a href='/contact' title='Contact'><span class='l'><span class='r'><span class='c'><span><span>Contact</span></span></span></span></span></a></li>

    Just replace the content in href='/' with your links in the above codes and may can change the linking text also in i.e Home,About and Contact.

  • Featured Slider

  • Find the below codes.

    <!--Slider Codes-->

    <!--Slider Codes-->
    <div id='padd-featured'>
    <div id='padd-featured-wrapper'>
    <h2><span>Featured Posts</span></h2>
    <div class='post-top'/>
    <div class='interior'>
    <div id='s3slider'>
    <ul id='s3sliderContent'>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-1'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='313' src='' width='630'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-2'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='313' src='' width='630'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-3'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='313' src='' width='630'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <div class='clear s3sliderImage'/>

    <div class='post-bot'/>
    <!--End Slider Codes-->

    Just replace all red content above as written and also the image link.And keep editing all as below.

  • Ad Banner

  • Find below codes and just edit the image link and blog url with yours.

    <div id='ads-index'>
    <div class='post-top'/>
    <div class='interior'>
    <a class='ads0' href='' target='_new'><img alt='Woothemes' src=''/></a></div>
    <div class='post-bot'/>

  • Rss-Facebook-Twitter Buttons

  • Just find below codes.

    <li class='rss'>
    <a href='/feeds/posts/default' title='RSS Feed'>Get the latest via RSS</a></li>
    <li class='twitter'><a class='icon-twitter' href=''>Want to know my tweets?</a></li>
    <li class='facebook'><a class='icon-facebook' href=''>Join me at Facebook</a></li>

    Just edit the red content with your urls or usename.

  • Thumbnails For Posts Without Image

  • Just find below image link and replace it with yours if want any other image.

I hope you will like this template for sure.If any problems leave the comment below.


PBC said...

You are mood brother! In very short period released several nice templates.

Anshul said...

@Prabhat you can say that also.If i get 3 hours daily to devote to design i can release minimum of 1 template a day for sure.But one thing more as in febuary i will not be able to release templates as will be busy with exams.

sathis said...

one request..Please explain how to change the background of navigation menu according to the you are in the about page but the home page got selected..thanks..

Anshul said...

@sathis your blog shows you have done it succesfuly.And for navgation menu just add links from linklist widget in your layout>Page elements.

RossEdition® said...

blz como mudar as cores da pagina ,troquei o fundo por uma imagen ,só que fica tranparente .blog ...obrigado.

Prince Alban said...

Hello very nice template. But I don't know how to change the size of the "site-name" picture. Help me please !

Anshul said...

@prince you just can use template in this layout only.You have to edit psd files only and use them.No chnage in size as would distort everything as i seen in your design.

Leo De Siqueira said...

Anshul, my posts have the word "categories" placed under the title of each post! Why is this, and how do I remove this?


Anshul said...

@leo you not giving any labels to post if you will give the labesl will appear after that categories text.If you want to remove just expand your codes and find for below codes and delete them.

<p><span class='categories'>some codes will be in between</span></p>

Dineth said...

Hi Anshul,
I've been working on converting my blog to use this template. Only problem I have now is the use of Blogger's pages feature for contact & about pages. The full content is not displayed in pages I add, only the summary. Please let me know how I can change the code to correctly display the pages.

Anshul said...

@dineth sorry no fix for pages feature in this template.I tried once but failed but i think there would be solution i will see over it once again.

Dineth said...

Thanks. I tried using what is suggested here:
But no success. Appreciate if you could help me with this.

Anshul said...

@dineth solution is at now just remove automatic thumbnail hack and use this template if want page feature.

Amsterdam Boat Guide said...

Hi Anshul, can you please explain how to change images? You say just replace the code for example src='' But does this mean you upload your own imabe somewhere or do you refernce it from another site? Im not clear where to store images via the blogger dashboard so that i can link to them? thanks

Anshul said...

just start a new post now upload images you want to upload.After uploading take image links from the post and use them.Dont publish post.

Karthikeyan S said...

Dude Its a Nice Template.. I am Using This Template for Sure! Mia Suggested This Template :)

Surprised that u are Providing this For Free!

U Really Rocks Man!

Koidesign said...

nice work i use this template but if it is possible i need the FONT using in PSD file

and if it is possible i tried to add page navigation number but it does not work

can you help mee pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeese

- Ray Gonzales said...

I think the template is great. One thing I'd like to change is to have all my posts load on the front page. I'd rather have the content seen on the main page as opposed to the pic with the pen or them having to click again to get to another page. How can I edit the code so that the posts stay on the homepage. I'm going to mainly do video reviews and I'd rather them be front and center. Thanks so much!! Here's a link to what I've edited so far.

Anshul said...

@ray for this to do you need to edit codes in template.Which is not possibe for me to tell you and you can follow.It would be difficult for you to implement unless you know about template designing.

Orchid said...

How can I adjust the font size of the post title on the main page? Sometimes I’ve got a long title and it floats on the preview picture!


Anshul said...

@orchid just find this css code and chnage font size value.
div.postindex h2 { font: normal 18px/24px Georgia,serif;}

Julio said...

hello Anshul... how can I change the color of the blue fonts? I cant find exactly what color are ALL THE BLUE texts.


Anshul said...

@julio mostyl al are the links color.
You can chnage it from here.
a:link, a:visited { color: #09f; }
a:hover, a:active { color: #7f7f7f; }

Julio said...

hi Anshul... its me again...

I'm having a problem with blogger "pages", when I create a page and test it, it appears like a post... not a page like i was ment to be.

can u help me?

look at this link, it may help you

Anshul said...

@julio y pages feature not work in this.Due to its magazine nature it has been designed.

Anderson said...

A parte

Por Logo-imagem:-http: / /

Por Nome do Site:-http: / / / S1yINxLQF1I/AAAAAAAABCA/NQlH8ObVnbw/s400/site-name.png

Para Site Descrição:-http: / /

Não aparece no meu . só da pra mudar a bolinha azul mas o resto não da . Me ajude

Anshul said...

@anderson they are showing up in your blog i cheked your blog.

imDani said...

thanks anshul, this is a really nice template, would really love to use it but it just wont work. :( just complicated for a newbie like me.

Admin said...

See my latest blogsite ...

I am using this theme ...

Thanks Anshul ...

Se7eN said...

See my blog .. i have to ask u two things that in right sidebar i have heading Subscribe to My Blog and then Pages and then Recently Added all r in black color except recently added i want it to be in black color and second thing is when i put images in post i see a translucent gray box surrounding it can i remove that??/

Anshul said...

@se7 for second problem find below css img

and remove its properties.

for first u using codes from feedburner for recently added there u showing recently added header in codes remove it from codes and also add heading to widget of sidebar u added will get ok.

Majed said...

How can I change the Older and Newer Posts box?

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