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Matapat is a free premium like blogger template which all you will be going to like for sure.It is two column template with many inbuild features and ready widgets inside it.Some of the main features are navigational menu links and and three main pages section for your blog.Rss widget is ready,twitter and facebook buttons are also build inside it.Main features are slider gallery for your posts and related posts widget installed in it.It also consists of three column footer.Retweet button is also fixed in it.

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Hacks Supported By Template

Matapat Template Installation

  • Home-About-Contact-Page

  • Find below codes:-

    <li class='item-1'><a href='/'>Home <span class='no-display'>- Start Here</span></a></li>
    <li class='item-2'><a href='/about/'>About <span class='no-display'>- Learn More</span></a></li>
    <li class='item-3'><a href='/contact/'>Contact <span class='no-display'>- Get in Touch</span></a></li>

    Just replace the / in href='/' with your links in the above codes.

  • Featured Slider

  • Find the below codes.

    <!--Slider Codes-->

    <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
    <div id='padd-featsubs'>
    <div class='top'/>
    <div id='padd-featured'>

    <div id='padd-featured-wrapper'>
    <h2><span>Featured Posts</span></h2>
    <div class='interior'>

    <div id='s3slider'>
    <ul id='s3sliderContent'>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-1'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='283' src='' width='660'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-1'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='283' src='' width='660'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <li class='s3sliderImage' id='featured-1'>
    <a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'><img alt='' height='283' src='' width='660'/></a>
    <span class='right'><strong><a href='YOUR-URL-HERE'>POST TITLE</a></strong><br/><p>POST DESCRIPTION</p></span>

    <div class='clear s3sliderImage'/>


    <!--End Slider Codes-->

    Just replace all red content above as written and also the image link.And keep editing all as below.

  • Rss-Facebook-Twitter Buttons

  • Just find below codes.

    Note:- You will find these codes twice one for sidebar and one for homepage.So have to edit them twice.

    <li class='rss'><span><a href='/feeds/posts/default' title='RSS Feed'>Subscribe via RSS</a></span></li>
    <li class='email'><span><a href='' title='RSS Email'>Subscribe via Email</a></span></li>
    <li class='twitter'><span><a class='icon-twitter' href=''>Follow my Tweets</a></span></li>
    <li class='facebook'><span><a class='icon-facebook' href=''>Be my Facebook Fan</a></span></li>

    Just edit the red content with your urls.

  • Thumbnails For Posts Without Image

  • Just find below image link and replace it with yours if want any other image.

I hope you will like this template for sure.If any problems leave the comment below.


Alexiel said...

its cool.. keep up the good work.. :D

Alexiel said...

how do i change the size of the thumbnails in the post?

Anshul said...

Control size with this css. img { width:115px; height:115px; border: 1px solid #ddd; background: #f4f2ef none; padding: 6px; }

Anonymous said...

wonderfull convert, thanks...

abbegrt said...

nice templet cool.. keep up the good work

Chris Kennedy said...

How do i get rid of the tweets information on the posts?

Anshul said...

@chris just go to your blogger codes expnd widgets and then find below codes and remove them all.

<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
tweetmeme_url = &#39;<data:post.url/>&#39;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'> </script>

RossEdition® said...

quero mudar as cores do blog como fasso ?

Ado said...

The links to the right of the slider (twitter, facebook, email, rss) only work from the starting page.
When u comin from a different post...the links don't says ad u'r url here..

Is there a reason why they only work from the staring page? Can anyone help me with this problem....¿?

Anshul said...

@ado you would have edited links once you have to do twice as links are seperate for homepage and post page.

Parag said...

Hi, i m not able to create pages in blogger. is this the problem due to the template? While creating the page i cannot go to compose button. Plz help.

Anshul said...

@parag page will be made and published but when you will open it in this template,it will show content like showing on homapge in limited section.So problem to use this pages feature in it.But if you remove read more hack and use it in simple style then will work.

Nayan Seth said...

Search is not working and how do i add pages links on the top of the page where there is a black strip

Anshul said...

@nayan search is working and just place your pages link in place of # in codes as i have said in tutorial above.

KellCos said...

This template is simply amazing. One of the most complete I've seen.
I wonder if the three js files should be hosted somewhere, or I can use the template directly, without worry.

takycardia said...

How to remove jquery slideshow to add a new one (maybe a little one)?
How to remove read more hack?

Anshul said...

@taky you will not be able to do this.As template needs to get edited for this.Just buy me an cup of coffee to do it for you.

raj said...

heya anshul hi, im tryng to work out email subscription link for this template but the thing is that after entering my web site url into the code .but after clicking save as and seeing the final output cliking on the link i get error this below....

The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled....this is error wht to do

plss do help me asap, and i have kept the code with url as it is so u can also come once my site and click on link and check it and provide me with sme solution......


Anshul said...

@raj no you dont have to add your url there . you just need to first burn your blog feeds.Just go to and butn your feed there.Then there you will get uri for email subscription.

raj said...

heya anshul hi raj hr,

im facing the same problem as above user, like the side bar links of facebook and twitter and feeds are working on the main home page only, whn i try to acces from other post pages it shows an error, now i read about this above the user faced problem this same and u replied

Anshul said...

@ado you would have edited links once you have to do twice as links are seperate for homepage and post page.

does it means the codes like what u have given for twitter and facebook and feeds side bar, are twice means two times we have to enter the same url to make it working for the blog

plss anshul can u throw some light on this , what and how should i do

Anshul said...

@raj the code i have told u to chnage urls for buttons have been writen two times in template.One for home page and second time for post page seperately.You have chnaged the urls once only for homepage.Find same codes again you will get them again for post page too.

raj said...

heya anshul after burning the feed should we click on im a pod caster in my feeds and then click next or we should live pod cast uncheck.pls do reply soon

/feedrate said...

Hi mate - Nice work on this really is !

Being a total newbie in all this i've yet to find a way to disable the -read more hack- on any pages i might add. (I see the widget "overules" the view on pages)

So the question is can i disable the widget by excluding the urls in a way ? No idea if its possible - but you might ;)

Cheers -

/feedrate said...

(try again to post here - seems like the first one did not go on...)

Great stuff mate - like it a lot.

Just one question: is it possible to block the "Automatic Read More Hack" on the blogger pages by specifying the url's ?
I know nothing of this, but thought you might.

Cheers mate

Anshul said...

@/feedrate no for this design its not possible to stop for pages.AS its magazine style . But if you will remove read more hack from template for all posts then your post pages will start working.But there too you will not be able to do urself as codes are complex for you to understand.

L a u . M said...

A mi no me funciona cambiarle las imagenes :(

/feedrate said...

@Anshul - Well I got it working on another template by inserting an "b:if cond=......" code before the read more "a expr:href". The only thing is that the read more hack remains on the pages, but for now that's ok.
Complex or not - when it works it works right... I'll try on yours tomorrow and post if I can do it there.

Here's the one I "fixed" from named WPBoxedTech

/feedrate said...

@Anshul - Got yours going to not quite as slick because of the order of the hack, but it works now. Made a test page :

The read more default IMG remains in the top left corner (however only a few px big) and followed by "..." This makes the page title slightly offset. But the rest of the page layout is working normal.

For me that's just fine - I might try to modify it further but not in the next few days.

/feedrate said...

*sorry forgot to mention that any IMG inserted in the pages are treated as read more links (as on the home page) Of course not cool if you need IMG on your page as most would I can imagine... If the code was moved it might sort that out...

Here's a link covering this modification :

Anshul said...

@feedrate i am thinking to make an gallery for all my templates and updating all my templates too with it,so may be in future i will fix these all issues cleanly :)

/feedrate said...

@Anshul - Sounds good mate...

WiseKid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WiseKid said...

Hey buddy...I love this Matapat template,
been using this. But the sidebar
feels empty. i want to add some
gadgets in the left sidebar. But in
the layout settings of Blogger I
couldn't find any 'Add Gadget/Page
element' option. Can you tell me
the code to get 'Add Gadget/Page
element' option and where to add
it for this template.

Anshul said...

@wisekid this cant happen as u saying :) you will get add a gadget in design > Page Elements

Ankush jain said...

HI anshul...
How to avoid limited view of pages..?
Its very important for working on a social service blog.....but im struck because of limited view of the page...

SANJAY said...

Hey Thanks for the template of Matapat its really awesome i applied it successfully but i have one Query !

can i increase the sliders objects more than three as you plant ?

Anshul said...

@ankuch just wait for some days me upadating all templates

@sanjay ya its possible will will get very complex making chnages then have to adjust a lot thing to do one thing.

Zaeni Marjiyanto, said...

Hi, Thanks for this awesome theme . .
How to divide the Labels Widget become 2 Collumns?I've just try this trick :

#Label1 ul li{
float: left;
width: 100%;

but It's Not working. Please Help, Thanks In advance . .

Anshul said...

@zaeni for this u need to make css to have will not get so easy unless u know about css.

Zaeni Marjiyanto, said...

okay, Now I know that the tricks is only work in Footer widget, can you show me how to do it in right sidebar widget?? . . . please help . . .

and again, how to show 10 post summary in main page? . . the main page is always show new post in the day, not 10 latest post . . . please show me what to do . . . thanks for help . . .

Anshul said...

@zaeni just increase the number of posts to show on homapage from settings.

Best Of The Day said...

PLZ how to Embed A video in this template ??? Plz Help

Anshul said...

@best where u want to embed

bangmok download software said...

how do i change post title font size and color, i like this template so much

Anshul said...

@bang post and title and font defined diffeerent everywhere that is on homepage and also on post page.

Edy Suhandy Putra said...

can you pls tell me : to remove slider object? its only dial up connection matter to keep the 3 icon ( home,about,contact) without referring/linking my click to anywhere? i love it when it just stuck there
3.pls let me know how to change font size on Three column widget below, its appear too small for me
4.When i click my post category,for example i got 15 post under the similar label,all that post appear on one page,eventhough i have set on blogger only to show 7 post at one time,how to resolve this?

please help me to solve that problem, i just newbie...but i fall in love with your theme

Anshul said...

@edy some things i can tell not all as dont have now time to chek again and again each code to tell.
i have written slider cods above in titorial remove them it will get removed.

to make category have 7 posts there is one hack to do that search for it.

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