How To Host Javascript Or .js files on Blogger Itself

How To Host Javascript Or .js files on Blogger, yes as blogger supports javascript which makes blogger support all the possible hacks in this platform, but the problem we bloggers face in using this is , where to host this javascript on blogger.As blogger doesn’t provide any source to host javascript for blog like it has provided picasa for images.As of before we all were using googlepages to upload the .js files but google closed this service and switched to google sites.As still we can upload these .js files to google sites but just upload it with file extension .txt instead of .js and it start working.

But still,we can face any problem in future with it.The best solution is to have paid server to host your files for unlimited bandwidth, but bloggers using this free platform dont like spending on it.

I also provided you with the list of some servers to upload your javascript files but the problem was bandwidth which was very less.

So i will provide you the best solution to host your javascript on blogger itself and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Now just see the below codes.

<script src=’http://Your-Script-Url/file.js’ type=’text/javascript’/>

Whenever you are trying to implement some hack making use of javascript you would have mostly been asked to download the .js file and upload to your own server,get its url and then replace it with red link in above codes shown above,and then place the whole above codes in blogger html before closing of head tag.The Problem we all face is getting an free server with unlimited bandwidth to host these javascripts.

So why don’t we upload these javascripts to blogger itself.Just what you have to do is,whenever you are asked to do this kind of above stuff while implementing any hack.

Just use below code in place of above one i showed you.

<script type=’text/javascript’>
<–Paste all code here from .js file –>

Just in place of red line in above code what you have to do is just open the .js file (which you are asked to download or upload to your own server) in notepad or on your browser , copy its code and paste it in place of above red line.And your javascript codes are now ready which are now hosted on blogger itself instead of hosting to third party server.

Now you will face no bandwidth problems.If you still have any problem related to this tutorial just leave your comments.


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