!!Latest Widget !!How To Add News To Your Blog!!

Some Blog Publisher & Webmasters wants to put some widget on their sides or blog that shows some fresh news on their blog or sides to attract the people.If till now you not having this type of widget then now this is for you.

you can Click Here

Or go to http://www.feedzilla.com

Freezilla is a frre widget for every one and you can chose the source,type of news you want to taget the visitor.

And also you can chose the method for installation like Flash, HTML, Javascript, WordPress,myscpae,blogger and lots of more.

Why add Feedzilla news widgets to your site?

* Attract targeted visitors to your website by providing them with the latest news in over 1,700 categories of your choice.
* Increase your visitor’s repeat traffic by providing fresh and relevant news.
* Add credibility to your site by providing news from top news providers.
* Improve your ranking on the search engines (SEO), by adding free, updating and customizable news to your site.


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