How Compress Or Zip Your files Online Free

How To Compress Or Zip Your files Online For Free,as nowadays there is no big need to zip or unzip files online as everybody will be using winrar software installed in there pc to zip or unzip your files but sometimes you come into need of doing this online,as it happened with me.

As some days ago my pc got effected with viruses and my winrar was not working,then i tried to install it again but was not successfull and i needed to zip my file for sure as i have to upload it to server to complete my post.

Than came an idea of zipping it with online server.Then got some tricks and sites to do it very easily as like you have installed any software in your desktop.

First i will tell you some sites which will zip your files online for free in just seconds depending upon the size of your files.

The two best sites for compress or zip your files online for free are:-



Go to these sites just browse your file to them and they will zip it for you.

If you find at any time these sites have closed or there server are down,then i have one more trick to zip your file online.

Just open your mail account write an mail to your other email address and attach the file to the mail you want to zip and send it.

Now login to your other mail account to which you sent your mail and download the attachment,the attachment you downloaded will be zipped which you can use.

I hope you will like these tricks for sure.


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