Problems With Blogspot Blogs In Seo

We all use blogspot blogs,but do you know what drawbacks you are facing while using this free blogger service.Well i am not saying you not to use blogspot service,but want to make you aware of what you are gaining over here and what you are loosing over here,so as to make you aware of every aspect about using blogspot blogs leading to its pros and cons.

I will share here different problems with blogspot blogs which effect your seo heavily.

Now everybody think blogger is product of google so we can use blogspot service as it will be packed with seo in google search engines.

At this point suppose you are right,as me too when started my blog thought same as you will be thinking.

Assuming your thinking right,you are getting good seo from google search engines.Now what about other search engines,they dont give importance to blogspot domain names,as there are thousand of engines more to give you traffic,if you still leave them,you can’t forget two basic search engines like of yahoo search and msn search.Using blogspot name you are loosing half of your traffic,as these engines can give you same traffic as given by google.Means leaving blogspot name can double your traffic from search engines for sure.

If we assume your thought correct then only you are lossing half of your visitors and how much visitors you will loose now when i will prove your thought wrong.

Yes the true is blogspot blogs are not seo in google search engines also,what we assumed above was wrong.As i will tell you some things to prove it.

First Thing:-Domain name is always preffered over blogspot domain name not only on other search engines but on google too.For some keyword you search,you will not to positioned to first position in results as always blogs with domain name will be a top,if they also have an post with that keyword.As if i would have used domain name,my traffic would have increased by 40 percent sure.
As you can see google adsense program now rejects all blogs on blogspot for there program,as they themselves avoids blogspot domain name and approves too quickly the self hosted blog with domain name.

Second thing:-Google search engines doesn’t index blogspot label pages.But in self hosted blog your category pages get indexed also.

Now andy has explained here why google doesn’t index them and some easy solution,you can read it.

This problem has to be solved by google blogger service,you dont have much to do in it.

Thirdly:- When you use older and newer post link to see different pages the link get like this below:-

Even these links are not indexed by search engines.So again a great loss.

Now One more important Point:-Think you have been using blogspot for an year and you want to switch to wordpress,you are in threat to loose all your traffic and seo for your all post pages.As you can set redirects while switching to wordpress easily but it will not work as well as you think, Google will insert their virus/malware notice and all redirects will not work as easily as you think.

In that case i greatly liked the trick labnol used to switch to wordpress without loosing an page rank and search engine juice,you can read about it from here on how he switched from blogspot to wordpress.

Using custom domain name from beggining or from many months and then switching will not might be much problem for you.

So you must have to have custom domain name if still you are using blogger.

I have written this post reviewing andys post,you can read it from here also to make more clear about it and ask from him more about it.


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