How Delete Posts Count Number Of Blogger Archives

Hi friends,as its long time to my last post because i was busy with my template design as soon my blog design will be changing now,so today i will tell you one simple tutorial on how to remove the the number of posts shown in archive used in blogger.As many of us will be using archive of blogger so if you use it then its great tip for you and if you dont use it,you might love to use it now,if you use flat list monthly archive,then will love it for sure,as me too using it.

So just don’t waste time and let me give this simple tutorial.

Before the hack how archive look like see from below picture.

Now to implement this,Just Login to Blogger > Go To > Layout > Edit /Html > Expand Widgets > Press Ctrl + F
and search for below line.


Please ensure you are using archive in your blog sidebar otherwise you will not find this code.

You will find this line of code three times in Blogger,so just find all three and delete all of them and Save Template.

Now how the archive will look like after this hack.

You have done now.Enjoy this archive looking like as wordpress Blog archive.


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