How align Blogger widget To Centre Left or Right Of Page

How to align any widget to Left,right or centre Of Blogger?What you have to do for it,its very simple question with very simple answer for those who just have little knowledge about html or xml or you must have learnt while writing your post also if you dont had any previous knowledge,so you waiting for just simple answer to this simple question.

Ok just see the codes below:-

For align to center

<div align="center">
Your Codes For Widget

For align to left

<div align="left">
Your Codes For Widget

For align to center

<div align="right">
Your Codes For Widget

Now just place your codes in place of red line and widget will align to left,right or center,whichever code you will use.

Ok i have answered this question,now i would like to talk about one tip i use to get increase my visitors from search engines sometimes when i have nothing to post and have shared it with you before also.This post is part of that trick.

As few days ago i shared a post on how to increase my visitors from search engines.You should read it for sure.There i said to check for keywords for which visitors are coming to your blog.I found 2-3 visitors or i can say newbies to blogger coming to my blog searching align widget blogger,and i was not surprised also as me too would have searched if i would have not known anything what html is ..?

And Today i was also in hurry to post,so thought why not just take my fast 10 minutes,which is very short time for my post,as usually it take me minimum of 1 hour to make a proper and easy tutorial for you.

I tried to make this 10 minute post useful for my blog readers as well as my search engine visitors.

So the post is seo with fully loaded tip to my readers.A complete package post...sengihnampakgigi


Pratik widget blogger said...

thanks this was very useful

Anshul said...

@ sade ya you can use,but may not work in all places in xml also like when we write css for template in codes we write like this to align

text-align: center;

agung said... is that I'm looking for ...

by the way there is an award for you on my blog. Please feel free to come to my blog.


Blog Anak IT said...

Thanks your post. . . .

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avikz said...

great blog....very usefull me since i am new in blogging.

Cooldude said...

is used for aligning text only

please note down you have writtten

For align to <b>center</b>
<div align="right">
Your Codes For Widget

Instead of
For align to <b>Right</b>

<div align="right">
Your Codes For Widget

<a href="">Blogger tips and tricks</a>

حسن محمد said...

thanks Anshul for the best tips your gives. your blog is really precious. by the way the last word in the above code (code 3) should be (right) not center, this is unintentionally small mistake which I want to draw your attention for.

Behold a Red Horse said...

That really helped me understand the whole thing.

On some widgets, such as a playlist player, you will see that they are coded to be automatically centered.

In this case you change the code to align it to the center. Then margin (left/right)= auto depending on which side you want to flush it with.

Thanks again.

k'2 said...

thats just great thanks :)

Zurimoto Rinkashime said...

Excuse me the following codes that you've given was not functioning when i use it...would you help me to fix my problem?

Anshul said...

@zurimoto ya it may be possible that they may not working.But to help me should know where u adding or trying it.

Ajarnmai said...

Hi AnShul ,Pls dit code in line 9.

Matt said...

Thanks. That worked.

: miphz said...

thanks /// ugh im new in blogger ...

christian said...

Hi, I would like some help relating to this. How would you align text next to an aligned widget?

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