Where Upload (.js) Files Free-Javascript Files Hosting Sites List

Where to upload the .js files or javascript files so as can be used by us for running it succesfully without bandwidth problems.As i post many hacks and tricks with the usage of .js files,i was having many accounts on googlepages and geocities and use to share that bandwidth and storage with my readers but after the upcoming news that both the google and yahoo have decided to close there services of googlepages and geocities,its been difficult for me to find an good server to with enough bandwidth and share with our readers.

So i am asking my readers now to upload these files to there own server as mine will not be working because of bandwidth problems.But many of them dont know where to upload these .js files,so i have started a list of sites to share where these .js files can be uploaded and used but these sites have limited bandwidth but its sufficient for single blog user.So you can join these below sites and use there hosting services,if it dont full fill your requirement just upload your files to different servers below to distribute the bandwidth.

Here Goes The List :-

1)Sigmirror:-It provides 5Gb Webspace and 7Gb Bandwidth/month

2)Hotlinkfiles:-It provides 1Gb Webspace and 4Gb Bandwidth/month.

3)Ripway:-It provides only 30Mb Webspace and 150Mb Bandwidth/day or 4.5Gb/month.

4)Boxstr:-It provides 5Gb Webspace and 1Gb Bandwidth/daily.Just upload your file and get the direct link to make it work.

5)Fileave:-It provides 30Mb Webspace and 1Gb Bandwidth.You can prefer to use it only for some of your file with usage of 1Gb bandwidth.

6)Mydatanest:-It provides 2Gb Webspace and 20Gb Bandwidth/month.You can prefer to use it for most of your file as bandwidth is much more than above sites.

7)Getdropbox:-It provides 2Gb Webspace and Bandwidth is unknown To me.

8)Yourjavascript:-New Provider as no need of account just host any script and get its link.

I got only these sites but they are very less i would like to get more sites listed here so if you are using or knowing any other site to host .js files please leave them in comments i will update the list.


Vicky said...

Thanks for the list , i am too doing this research if i get any good results i will keep posted.

Anshul said...

Thanx For keep in touch !!

Babaji M P said...

Hi thanks for the list. But remove hotlinkfiles from the list as they tell that an activation email will be sent and it is never sent even after requesting for the 3rd time. I will try sigmirror or the other services you have listed.

Thanks & Regards,
Babaji M P.

Babaji M P said...

Hey sigmirror sent me the activation email immediately after registration :-*

Anonymous said...

Alternates of google pages to host files like javascript,mp3 etc. lots of choices with all the required details. Read it here http://www.ialwayscapital.com/2009/05/alternatives-of-google-pages-file.html

Anshul said...

@ babaji its working yar i am using might get problem with your email at that time.

Babaji M P said...

@Anshul now i have started using sigmirror. i still didnt get the activation email from hotlinkfiles & i dont think i want it anymore as i have sigmirror now. I also dont want to blame hotlinkfiles.

I need your help now.

I'm not tech savvy. & this is the first time i'm uploading js files after reading your article. Now i know to upload to files from my desktop.

How to upload this file to my sigmirror account:

?? waiting for your reply Anshul 8-}

Anshul said...

@ babaji ya sure friend just open the link you posted above in your browser,then you will one line of codes will open,now copy hat all codes and paste them in your notepad,now save it as .js file instaed of .txt

It will become js file at your desktop.Now upload it to your server.

Babaji M P said...

@ Anshul.

Thank you very much.
"You are very helpful". Even this looks very simple, i didnt know how to do. People like you are needed in this platform.
Once again thank you.
Babaji M P.

One-4-All said...

thank for share... i will try one.
best regard

SEO Tips Blogger said...

thanks , verry usefull

subin said...

Hi,Anshul,I have one more site to suggest.


I have also uploaded my .js files on this site.
Check my website.

Free Ebook said...

There some websites allowed to host javascript file but i'm using www.yourjavascript.com. They gave file access privacy to provided domains only.

Hitsuke said...

Nice post anshul..!!!


Hitsuke and NarutoFans 

Edgar said...

Sigmirror died today... so far, my images are not showing up on my blog... hopefully it's just temporary.

Anonymous said...

@Edgar - I am the admin of Sigmirror.com.

We did go down yesterday temporarily. We moved to a new server, so everything should be fixed, and much faster now. Please email us if you have any further issues.

Anshul said...

@sigmirror admin thanx for stopping by here and keping our readers updated.

Sigmirror said...

No problem. I just thought I mention that the top referrer to sigmirror.com each week gets listed the next week.

You are listed on our homepage. Feel free to check it out:

Anshul said...

@ sigmirror admin wow i am happy to see my blog on your home page.

DDN said...

thx bro i like it

delphi said...

Thanks for this post. I really helpfull cos today my blog didn't work for almost full day. After checked, i found that problem cause from Ripway. Then i changed my .js important file to Sigmirror. (Because this is simple than other)

Thank u very much.

Chris said...

I'm currently using Hotlinkfiles. So far, no problems and all of my scripts are working fine. Very informative post. Thanks.

marvin said...

The last in the lists is working . That is enough for me. Thanks!

nitya007's said...

thanks for u r thoughts.


Technofrolic said...

Awesome placements of ads... nice work..
can u let me know how to do it?

Money from blogging | SEO for blogger said...

I was looking for such information .

Elizabeth Loong said...



Arrica Lee said...


So sorry. Seems like I always have tons of questions for you. Haha. BTW, I am really having a headache now. I am using the Glory template(I am sure you already know this from my previous comment) and I have followed instructions to upload the javascripts files(changed to txt format) to Google Sites. But, I am not sure what's the next step I should take. I tried googling but the script code they show in example is different from the Glory template. BTW, I am using Blogger's .Com service.

Anshul said...

@Arrica dont host to google sites.Just hoost to mydatanest.com or just ise scripts as i have given in template as embeded in blogger css

Sameer Khan said...

Here is also a post to supplement Anshul's list, hope u will like it..


Muhammad Taqi said...

thank you very much !

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