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You would have seen many blogs showing there page rank in there blogger,as you would be thinking how its possible.Yes friends its simple widget with small piece of codes which we just need to add to our blogger and it will start showing you the pagerank of your blog in your blogger.i hope everybody will be knowing how to add this,and will be thinking why i am posting about it.

If you have read my previous post on how to increase your visitors from search engines,you will get the answer.As i use to see a lot visitors coming to by blog via search engines finding for page rank widget,then thought of holding a simple tutorial on it so that atleast i can convert my that visitors into my readers.

Ok lets move on to our topic on how to add page rank widget to my blog.

1)Visit this prchecker site.
2)Write your blog adress there.
3)Fill the captcha Value there.
4)Hit the generate Button Now.

Now it will show three widgets design with there codes like the picture below:-

Just copy the codes of widget you like.

Now Login To Blogger Then Go to Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > Html/Javascript

and add the codes and save it.Now view your blog it will show up that widget in your blog where you added the codes.

Or if you want more designs just visit and select the widget you like,take the codes from front of it and simply add i told above.


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