Sexy Auto Hide Social Bookmarking Widget For Blogger

Sexy Auto Hide Social Bookmarking Widget For Blogger,this is most sexy bookmarking widget of all as from before used by all bloggers.Actually i saw this widget some days ago on one blogger blog using it,then thought of posting it but forgot to post.Then today i checked the bloggerstop[dot]net and found him placing a tutorial on this sexy bookmarking widget.So thought of sharing with my readers too.So get ready to install it in your blog.

But wait i am not in mood of writing codes today.So just visit first this site Eight7Teen for live demo of this widget,as this is the wordpress plugin made by josh jones or visit this post for on how to install this bookmarking widget and see the demo picture too in this post.

For intstalling this widget you can also visit cssreflex site. I was in sleep when writing this post so got lazy to explain you all codes,was in hurry to go to bed.

I dont think you will have problem in installing this widget.If still you want any help or want me to hold this tutorial let me know i will carry on with it below.And dont miss to use this widget on your blogger blog.


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