Search Google For Most Recent Pages On Any Keyword

Google Real Time Web Search,what it is-whenver you search google for some keywords you always get the pages from the sites at the top that have high page rank value for that keyword,the result may be not be as useful as you can get some useful information from pages listing too below sometimes or you may be searching for latest content in recent time and getting only old resuls valued high by search engines.

So what real time web search can do is you can get the all latest results for any keyword published most recent on different sites in google search.

How its more useful for me:-Sometimes i find for exmas results that are not published on many big sites and doesn’t get the pages at top for that keyword as they have very less page rank value,but if i use google real time web search to get the most recent pages who posted the results of any exams.

Its only one example it applies to many things like i want latest technology results,latest softwares its really useful.

Now how to use Google Real Time Web Search.


Now write for the keyword you are searching for and hit enter.

If you get desired results its good.If not then copy the below word in red


And add it in search url of google as below in blue

Now Hit enter and you will see the results within latest hours as below.

I hope you will like this real time search.For any queries let me know.


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