Search For Fixed Size Images In Google Image Search

Hi Friends today i will tell a great tip to you on how to search for any image of any particular size you want on google image search.As i always use to search for the images on google image search sometimes for my funny blog or sometimes to get some free logos or fixed size banners when i am in hurry and dont have time to design one.

And you for sure sometime may get in need of doing any related search for fixed size image on google image search.

If you want to know just open Google Image Search.What we use to do for searching is just write keywords for images we want and start searching and just choose to have large size images or medium or small to search for an image.

But google provides advanced image search as well to find an exact image for our needs selecting from size,type,colors,content and many more by filling this below information.

Click The Image To View Large

Second there is also one short term form which can be used to search for any fixed size image.Like for example just open Google Image Search and write he text to be searched like this below:-

imagesize:640×480 Keywords

Where Just write imagesize as it then define your size you want to search that is Width x Height and give space and write for keyword you searching for.

Just Click here imagesize:700×200 twitter to see How the search work for word twitter with image size of 700×200.

I am sure it will help you a lot.As google has all explained it here in there blog.

And one more good tip as sometimes when we search google web for fresh content it shows up all old content with high page rank value at top.So get for recent content on google web read this post to help you i.e How Search google for more recent pages On Internet.

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