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How to show more than 5 or 10 Recent Comments in your sidebar to show up.Its just very simple to show up your latest comments as we use to show up our recent posts,but the only difference is the difference of feeds url for both.As we have different feed url for posts and different for comments but the method to use the widget is same.

We have two ways to add recent posts widget in your blog and i have explained both the ways before but for the recent comments widget you can add up in following way.

Now i will tell you both ways to make it run for blogger comments.

First One,Just download this script and save to your desktop.Now upload it to your server and get its url.If you dont know where to upload this script get on list of sites from here.

Now go to blogger Layout > Add a Gadget > Html/Javascript and add the below codes.

<script style=’text/javascript’ src=’’></script><script style=’text/javascript’>var numposts = 5;var showpostdate = true;var showpostsummary = true;var numchars = 100;</script><script src=’’></script>

As now just replace red codes in above codes with your script url and the number 5 is the no of posts to be displayed and last red is your blog url.nuchars=100 is for post desription.If you want to show recent posts you can have that too,just need to change the feed from


If you want recent pots from feedburner account follow this post on How Show more than 5 feeds from feedburner account.

Now use of this above recent comment script doesn’t show up the date of comment and name of author who commented and to which post he commented.If you want that kind of script i have got it for you.

Just visit corpseofatic Blog and fill on the fields to get your recent comments widget displaying post date,author name,post url and comment as well.As it gives all necessary details.

I hope you will love this widget.


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