List Of Search Engines To Submit Your Blog

List of Search Engines,you may submit your site URL to these search engines for Free. If you dont have enough time to submit your site or blog thn submit to the top few leading search engines like google and yahoo or msn or your local engines.This is not the complete list of search engines but are enough to give an start to your blog,as you will find countless amount of search engines on web you wouldn’t have heard of.

Website Submission Services

There are many websites on the net offering free website submission services to search engines. The list of search engines are by and large the same. Some offer fee to send your URL to more than a hundred search engines. Is it necessary to have your webpage listed in all the smaller search engines? We think that Google, Yahoo! and MSN have cornered such a large share of the market that it is sufficient just to have your website listed there. However, the decision is yours to make.If you still want that you can do that that too.

This is for just begginers i don’t think if you have good blogs and receive traffic,search engines will automatically index you and most of the small engines drive traffic from big search engines like google.

If you want more sites get from here too

If still want more just search for keyword ‘list of search engines to submit websites’ on google or yahoo you will get long list.


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