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Hi friends,how are you,hope everything thing would be fine.Today i am going to discuss about social bookmarking site digg,you all must be aware of,its the best social bookmarking site i have ever seen in terms of traffic you can drive from it.It can give you thousand of hits to your blog just in hours.

Requirements For Getting This Traffic on Digg:-

1)One Nice Post on your blog with should be informative Not A spam,Otherwise You will be buried by other diggers.
2)Then Submit It to Digg.
3)Now you need diggs on it in 24 hour of submission to hit it on the front page of digg.
4)If you get 50 diggs in half hour you hit the front page else you need 100-200 diggs in 24 hours depends on how much time you get these and which category you submitted too.

So for this i have started a digg circle of active diggers on digg to achieve the above goals which will help all members of our digg circle to make there one post to the front page of digg.Think if all of us daily get atleast one popular post on digg means each member will get minimum of 3000 visitors a day.And to say true some of us would have been getting that much traffic in a month.

So if you think its an great idea and feel that you can daily come once online on digg and digg all shouts in your inbox then you are perfect member to join our circle.

Some Rules Of our Circle have to follow to be our dig circle member:-

1)Make a fresh profile on digg and send me the profile url.
2)You cannot add any other digg profile except the profiles of our circle.I will be updating all the digg circle members in this post below so that you can add them and share your shouts or will keep on shouting to all to add new members who join our circle.
3)You will be allowed to shout your one post only daily to help make it popular as not to increase the shout load to be dugged by our members,as its good for all to make the system work effective.
4)I will be moderating all the profile once in a week to check if all the rules are being followed ,so as the sysem works smoothly without any problems.

Below are the digg profile links of user who joined our circle:-

1) Me(Blog)

2) keller(Blog)



5) Kantur(Blog)

6) Jesse(Blog)



Contact Me Here If you Interested With New Profile and send me the information in required format below.

Fresh Digg Profile:-
Your Blog:-
E-mail To contact You Always:-(Its Safe Dont Worry will Be used by me only to contact You)

And Please Dont send me profiles having friends in it and its an request if you are serious to join our circle then only apply for it.A i want serious members only.


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