How To Add Meta Tags To Blogger Blog

How to Add Meta Tags To Blogger,as this is second post of my blogger design series.As you would be knowing what importance is of adding meta tags to blogger if not,you should know.Meta tags tell bots about your keywords and tags you use so as to your blog get emphasized on those keywords which will help you to get better results in engines for those keywords.

To get learn from beggining from xml codes you can check my first post here on blogger design series i.e xml codes declaration.

First i request you to please create a new demo blog with any name in your blogger account and choose a minima template (First template in Template Lists By Google) as its layout to learn the tutorials.

Then got To Its Layout > Edit Html.And now check for below two lines in codes.

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

Now i will tell you something about head tag and how to add meta tags.

The head element is a container for all the head elements. Elements inside <head> can include scripts, instruct the browser where to find style sheets, provide meta information, and more.

The following tags can be added to the head section: <base>, <link>, <meta>, <script>, <style>, and <title>.

The <title> tag defines the title of the document, and is the only must required element in the head section!

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

is a blogger specific directive. When blogger reads your template and parses through it, it does so from the top down. When Blogger hits this particular line, Blogger then realizes that it needs to ‘inject’ some HTML to replace this line.

Now below are the meta tags which you have to add after above two lines.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Blog, Blogger, Google Blogger, Template, Blogger template, tutorial, hacks, blogger tutorial, tips, tricks, blogger tips, blogger tricks, blogger tips and tricks” />
<meta name=”description” content=”widgets, hacks, help, tips and tricks for bloggers using the Google Blogger platform for their blogs. Some posts also relevant for those using other blogging platform” />
<meta name=”author” content=”Anshul Dudeja” />
<meta name=”ROBOTS” content=”ALL” />

In red are the keywords and description for my blog,please change it with yours.Then third line in green is used to tell uthor name as is not necessary and the last one is used to tell all the search engine robots to follow the all content of this blog i.e to index all posts or giving permisssion to all type of robots to index in there engines.

And also check the image below on how exactly to add the meta tags if any problem.

Click the image to view the large

I am sure you will now be able to add meta tags succesfully.

And dont forget to check my next post on blogger design series which will be on title for your blogger as is very important and then we will proceed towards the css part thats the design of blogger.


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