How Show Adsense Adds At Start And End Of Blogger Posts

How Show Adsense Adds At Start And End Of Blogger Posts,yes friends you would have seen adsense adds at the start and end of the blogger posts in all of the todays blogger,as it gives more clicks to bloggers and help them in earning more revenue from adsense.So i will tell you on how to add adsense add in you blog to show up at beginning of post and one a the end of the post.

Just First Get the adsense Unit code from your adsense account and i recommend you to to make the adsense code template friendly from here.

Now got ot blogger Layout > Page elements > edit Html > Expand Widgets

Now find for below code


And now add the adsense code before and after above code as i added below:-

<!– Your AdSense code –>


<!– Your AdSense code –>

And Preview it if its ok.Then Save your template.And enjoy earning from adsense.

Note*-Adsense doesn’t allow to place adds immediately after menu links or posts as sometimes it seems to readers as these adds are part of posts not advertisements.So there is chance to get accident clicks on adds and google dont want accident clicks,they want real clicks,so if after using this trick your ctr increasing to alarming rate you may get banned so i suggest not to use this trick if your ctr increases much.If you wanna place adds like this just place a text like advertisements always at the start of the add so as to distinguish between adds and posts,which is allowed by google.

Like this below example.

So you just need is to add the word advertisements also just above the adsense code you placed in your template.I hope you will do it very easily.Just the thing you have to follow not to get banned is just use word advertisements or sponsors at the above of adsense adds where ever you show up your adsense add to make your account safe.As google is very strict with its policies,they dont even give warning,they will immediately ban you and will only give you one chance to appeal them for your account i.e you will get only one hearing in there court and chances to get back your account is 1 percent.You can read this google adsense post to learn more about it.

I hope this information will be helpful to you.Best of luck !!!


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