Show More Than 5 Recent Posts From your Blogger Rss Feed

How To get post description or author name and post date to be shown with title of post altogether if you are using recent post widget for your blog and also show more that 5 posts as blogger feeds restrict you to show upto only 5 posts,but with feedburner you can show all of above with any number of posts you want to show up in your widget.

If you just want simple script of codes to extract any number of recent posts from your blog you can get it from this blog as it will display only recent post of your blog with only titles.

Now lets discuss on getting your posts displayed from your feedburner account.

First of all Benefits of using feedburner script:-

1)You can show description also with title if you want.
2)Favicon too can be showed.
3)Author name can also be shown.
4)Date of post.
5)And subscribe link too at the end.

So Just to install your recent posts widget from any blog or blog category login to your feedburner account.If you don’t have burned your feeds with feedburner then just visit to feedburner and burn your feeds.

Now just open your feedburner account now and click on the title of the feed you want to show of your recent posts.If you have burned many feeds then only you will see many feeds with there title on front page else if you have burned only one you will get only one title so dont get confused.Like in picture below i have four blogs feeds,so i will select the title for which i want to set up this feedburner widget.

Now after clicking the title you will enter that feed.
1)Then you will see Publicize tab Enter there.
2)Now at left will see Buzzboost Click it.
3)Now you will see option like these in picture below to make your widget.

Now select all these option you want to show or not like author name,post description,post date,if yu wat to show up only post title then you can have seetings like i have dont in above picture.

After making all selections just hit the activate button below.If its already active you will see Save button as i got in picture above.Then you will be given codes to show of your widget,with the preview as well as how your widget will look.

Just copy the codes from there the login to blogger > Go to Layout > Page Elements > Add a gadget > Html/Javascript and paste the codes and save it.

Just whenever you want to make modifications to your widget just make it modified from your feedburner account it will change look itself in your blog mean to say you have no need to change the code again and again,just modify it and the changes will apply itself once you add the codes to blogger.

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