How Check Broken Links In Blog And Website

How to Check Broken Links In your blog or website as if you would have many posts in your blog and its not possible to constantly check for any broken links in your website manually,and its importanat to find the broken links as the post may not be useful without that link.So you just need a program or software to check all your internal and external links in your blog or website for broken links.Dont you,If yes then for what you are waiting.

Just visit this site to know more abut it

Read all about it if you want to know about whole process.This is the Download Link on above site to download the software.

Just download it unzip it to get set up and install it in your computer,i will just take seconds.

Then start the software it will ask for url provide it and click ok.The pocess will start,the time it takes depend upon the links you are having in your blog.Below is the snapshot my blog report,you can check it how good the software work.Its really helpful.

Please click the image to view it large

I hope you will love this software its really helpful to you as nobody checks for broken links as posts get old,but we should remove broken links as it never make you loose your readers.

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