How To Change Title Tags For Blogger

How to change title tags for blogger,my third post to blogger template design series.Title tags for blogger play most vital role in search engine optimization.Today i will hold the tutorial on title tags and various ways on how to add these tags and what effect it makes to seo with various demos and pictures to make it all clear.

Let me first tell you, this post is the part of my blogger design tutorial series i have started.Below are the first two posts of my blogger design series.
1)Xml Declaration Codes For Bloggers
2)Meta Tags For Blogger.

The next part of codes to be explained are:-

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Blogger Template Style
Name: Minima
Designer: Douglas Bowman
Date: 26 Feb 2004
Updated by: Blogger Team
———————————————– */

Now just the red line above in code is for title tags for blogger.Second word in green define as an start of css part.

Then are some credits given to the template designer,design date,his blog url by google.If you design one and distribute the template you can write here yours.

Now the main tutorial to learn is about the red line that is used to show all title for blogger and its posts.

Now if you will keep this line as it is in your blogger template


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Then lets see how your title will be shown for your blogger posts if you use the above line as it is in your blogger template.

Where Funny pictures in above picture is title for blogger which will always remain before the title of blogger post pages,as a result your important keywords of post pages are left behind in search engines as will definately harm you in case of long title of blogger i.e more than two words.

Now you need to have the solution for this problem,you have to have title of blogger post pages coming before than blogger title.

If you want to show up the title of blogger post pages first and then the blogger title like this in picture below:-

Just install this hack from here and your blogger post title will always appear first than blogger title in search engines.

On more Hack is there,to use just blogger title at blogger home page and post title at post pages like in picture as below:-

Now if you want this type of hack get it from here,post title only in blogger posts pages.

Now one more thing i would like to tell you that many bloggers add by mistake or according to there wish the title line like below

<title>Funny Pictures Blog</title>

in there blogger template code after the <head> tag.

We use this type of title declaration in website pages,as to give each web page the title according to our wish and need.

As blogger codes will also accept this title tag but the result after using this will lead to same title in blogger home page and all blogger post pages.As i have given Funny Pictures Blog as my title,so my title for my blog and all post pages will always remain (Funny Pictures Blog) as i used in above example.

If you are using this type of tag you will not be able to implement the two hacks for change of title tags above i told you.

I think,have provided sufficient information on title tags for blogger yu need to know. If you have any further questions to be asked leave your comments below.


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