How Add Email This Post Button Below Blogger Posts

Many of you would have seen email this post button below blogger posts and print button too,but do you know how to add this email this post button below each post of blogger.If yes then its great and if not ,then you are at right place to learn about it.As you can add this in many ways below blogger posts and i will let you know about all of them.

First one and the simple one.

Just got to Blogger Layout > Page elements > Click there edit button of Blog posts as in image below.

A pop up window will open and just select there there show email posts links option and save it.Now you will be able to see email this post small button below each blogger posts.

Second way is many of us use social bookmarking widget showing many bookmarking sites in one button. You can also use it to make it place after each blogger post as it also have email this post button option in there widget.Some sites for using this widgets are addthis,addtoany and sharethis.

Now the Third and the most important way is to add this button using your feedburner account.

Just login to your feedburner account.

Then select the feed Title for which you wanna use this button and open that feed,you will get to show many feeds only if you have burned many feeds,for different blogs.

After opening there you will find optimize option click it.Then in left sidebar you will find feedflare option select it.Then check mark the email this option for feed and site and press the activate button below.

After getting activate you will get drop down button at that page only at right of activate button to get codes for your blog.Just select the the blogger option and pop up window will open follow the instructions there to add codes and you will be able to add email this button succesfully below each blogger posts.

And that the end of this tutorial.I Hope you will like any of the methods for sure to add email this button to blogger posts.For any queries leave your comments below.


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