Floating (Fixed) Adds Widget For Blogger

Floating (Fixed) Adds Widget For Blogger,as you have seen in many blog the fixed size button or any image in the blog page that remains at the same place in the blog i.e at the fixed place on the blog.The place of that object doesn’ have any effect even of on the page down effect.It is fixed and is known as floating add widget for blogger.

For demo you can check see the twitter image at left of my this blog or can see fixed side menudemo here or else see the top of page blogger button–here.

I hope it would have been clear.Now lets see how to add it as is very simple widget to add to blogger.

Login to your Blogger go to

Dashboard > Layout > Page elements > Add a Page Element > Html/Javascript

<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;top:5px;right:5px;” href=”Link_To_An_Image” title=”Image Name”><img src=”http://Image_Url” /></a>

Now modifications to be made in above code.

Change the red codes with your image url and link url you want to open up.

And now the yellow codes in bold are top and right.If you want to use this widget at centre use centre in place of top and if to bottom use bottom in place of top.

Then the right in yellow bold means to show it up to right of page and use left in place of it to show to the left of the page.

I know you will install it easily if still problem leave your feedback in comments.


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