Blogger Design Tutorials Series

Hi friends how are you,hope everything will be fine.Yesterday i was thinking how to help my blogger readers and other bloggers more to help in making there blog more beautiful and design it according to there own wishes as they want so as they can install any widget and hack at any place in there blog they want.

So i am planning to start a blogger design series on how to design a blogger template from scratch.So for this i would consider one default template of google for taking all my tutorials and that will be minima template,the first blogger template in list.

I will take all codes from this template and start explaining it from 1st line on how to modify it and what it means,so that you can alter it any time according to your wants.

And this will be done in a series of tutorials and will keep posting these tutorials with the time i get to post.I hope you all will love this design tutorial series.

Please leave your feedback on this below with your comments and all will be appreciated.If you have any other suggestions on this series please leave your comments we will discuss over it.


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