Promote Random Blog Posts Via Gmail

One way to promote your blog is adding your signature links in all the mails you send.There are many ways to promote your blog and this is the one out of those as will help promote it though,as you think i daily receive about 10 mails to solve my readers queries and its going on to increase to.You can take great advantage of it a you can use signature as an random posts from your blog as will attract your readers more to your blog.

Tip: It is always effective to send out different links with your email to your Friends as they wont be boring seeing the same link all the time.

Lets see how we can add a link to a random post from your blog or website to your email signature

*Log in to your GMail account.
*Go to the Gmail Lab Page.
*Find the Random Signature and Signature tweaks.
*Enable both labs.
*Click Save Changes and Gmail will reload.
*Go to Settings
*Go to General
*Under signature select the signature box and type you name and other information you would like to display in your email.
*Then check the check box Append a random signature from feed and add the feed URL to your blog or website.
* click “Save Changes”

This is add random links to your post with the title from your RSS feed. Simple but quite effective method to add a random link to your signature from your blog or web.
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