How To Design Your Own Blogger Template

Hi i am going to tell you how you can create your own blogger template design for your blog in an very easy way without having a any knowledge for xml,are you getting surprised of reading this post,ya you should be but for sure you would be able to design an design with your favourite colors,your defined sizes and no of columns you want in your template.

What you have to do now.Nothing friends you have to just visit this site Firdamatic.Go there and define all the types of dimensions and colors and images you want your blogger should have and submit them all figures.They will create an xml for you which you can upload to your blog and have a blog design of your own choice.

But friends you can only create fixed simple bloggerer designs.I hope you can at last give a try and let us know how it is.

For more tips on design as it wouldn’t be easy for you but read the below site only if you know about photoshop and html.– Tips for designing your own Blogger template, using Photoshop.


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