How To Check Who Is Invisible On Yahoo Messenger

You have often seen that your friend in Yahoo Messenger list is always offline? Is it the right status? If the answer is yes, at this entry, I would like to give a trick i.e how to know the exact status on Yahoo Messenger of your friends. The offline status of your friend is not necessarily true because in Yahoo Messenger, you have a feature that allows you to hide the online status i.e you are invisible to your friends.

Now how can we detect the online status of your friend? It is very easy. You will find many sites on the web that provide the Yahoo Messenger Status Detector. Now I would like to recommend because its working fine. This site is one of the good providers of Yahoo Messenger Status Detector.

On the site, you only need to enter the Yahoo Messenger ID of your friend that displayed Offline into the search box available. For more clear, see the image below:

For more sites that provide this service are listed below.

I hope you will enjoy now checking the status of your friends.


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