How Backup Your Blogger Posts And Comments

Backup your blogger posts and comments regularly,this is blogger tip i think every blogger should follow for its safety,do you back up your blog posts regularly ? Very less amount of bloggers would have been using this tip including me,so lets follow this tip and start backing up your blog posts from now as i have stared it from today.

If you searching for backup of blogger template its here.

How to Back up bloggers posts for all Bloggers including blogspot users.

Login to
Then Go to
SETTINGS â–º BASIC â–º BLOG TOOLS, click on the Export Blog, and once more on EXPORT BLOG button.

Choose the location where you want to save the file, and click Save. And that’s it!

Your Blog (content + posts) is save as .xml document. Quite small, too. You will not be able to see it, or read it on externally, but you can always upload it through Blogger.

Now you go to your any other blog and get there the import blog option following same path as above and upload the file you downloaded when it asks after clicking import blog option.Your all posts and comments will be uploaded,then the blogger will ask you to publish all posts,select the posts you want to publish and click Publish,all selected posts will be published.

Think how useful it can be for you in case your blog gets deleted by mistake or any other case by google,you can upload and make it to run again.

Yet another easy method for all type of blogging platforms. You just have to visit BlogBackUpOnline, open an account, register your blog, and it will be backed up daily. They offer enough memory (space) to store your Blog. Even for a Full time blogger.I hope you will be satisfied with this infomation.Best of Luck!!


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