How Backup Or Download Full Blogger Template Design

How to back up your blog template or download it to your computer so you have an copy of your template design always if you needed that design in near future or many of us loose the design settings while we are trying to edit our template design or implementing some widget or hack in there blog while reading our widgets.As 90 percent would be knowing but i am writing this post for newbies on blogger and for my linking in posts to download complete template.

It’s very important to save a copy of your template (back-up template) before you do any customization on it (any change in the the HTML code of your Blog).
Why? Well, it’s obvious. If something goes wrong, you can always go back in your old shoes.
It’s very easy to do. And quick. And it’s such a small file, so you can keep it forever. All you have to do is:


But keep in mind, downloading template doesn’t mean you’ve saved the content (posts, comments, widgets) of your blog, and now you can easily delete it. NO!!

If you want to back up blogger posts and comments read up my this post n how to backup blogger posts and comments.

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