Google Pages Shuttting Down

Google is shutting down the google pages service as it made it to stop for signup users few months ago and now has decided to shut it down completely.So all the sites we were having on googlepages will be moved to google sites.The persons having sites on pages will be automatically moved to google sites and traffic will be redirected to there google sites automatically so no need to worry about it.

Bad news too.

Google won’t move any of files from Pages into Google Sites (since the latter doesn’t provide hosting) but they have created a simple online exporter that you may use to download all your files from Google Pages into a zip archive,so have to backup of all your files.

As we have hosted many of our javacripts files on googlepages and used in our tutorials so please download all the javascripts used in the tutorials and upload to your servers if you are using any of those hacks or widgets.You are adviced to check the scripts again and upload to your server if any problem is coming in hacks as we have exceeded bandwidth and from next month googlepages will shut down so i will try to update the scrips link to another servers so that you can download and upload to yours.

Thanx for your patience,co-ordination and co-operation.senyum


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