Add Yahoo Messenger Chat In Blogger To Add Interactiviy

Yahoo messenger,i think everybody loves it.Many bloggers who love blogging may like using the messenger as well on there computer,as me too online on my blog and messenger always,think if both of these options combine in your blog it will add more interactivity to my readers and easy for them to chat with me.

Then i went to messenger and found a widget which can be added in your blog like google has feauture to add gmail chat in your blog,as same we can add yahoo messenger chat in the our blog.Its very easy to add it in your blog.Just visit the yahoo,customize widget get codes and add them.

As before we have also had tutorials on how add yahoo emotions in blogger posts and yahoo emotions in comments.If you want these too in your blog before visit them.

Now how to install yahoo chat box.

Visit this yahoo pingbox service.

Select there the theme you want and write text what you want to show and save it.

Then will be asked to login with yahooo id,sign in and you will be send to customizations page of the chat box.

Select the size you want and color of the text and get the codes for your widget.

After getting codes paste them anywhere in the blog sidebar html/javascript page element where you want your yahoo chat box to appear to chat with your readers.

I hope you will love this widget for sure.


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