Add Placement Rotator Script For Bloggers

Add Banner Placement rotator,what many bloggers want today in there blogs,many readers asked me for this script but was not able to provide them with the script because it is only available for php users and we blogspot users are not able to use it as we can use only javascript codes,You would have seen all hosted blogs using this add rotator placement feature.

What exactly it is?
You would have seen in many biggie blogs the rotation of add placements in clockwise or anticlockwise direction moving from top to bottom that changes on each page impression of that blog i.e adds interchange there loacation with each other on each new page impression.It is done so as each advertiser who spend thousand Dollars can get equally add placement in blog and equal exposure at top.

For demo of this widget visit my sidebar adds changing position on each page impression on my this demo blog of Blogger Widgets.

As still this rotator i am going to tell you about is working on php,but i found an open source program that help us to provides and submit our adds to it and will provide php link for your widget embeded within javscript codes which you can use in your blogs.

Stepwise explaination on how to make it:-

I am holding this tutorial keeping in mind the features i have in my demo widget i shown you above for 4 advertisers and each given 100 percent weightage.

Step1.Go to

Step 2.Then Click On the Link Demo which is

Step 3.Now at the bottom of the page you will be given one link to sign in with username and password .Just click the link and enter username and password to sign in.

Below is the sign in page with username and password

Demo URL :
Username : demo
Password : demo

Step 4.Now got to bottom of the page and click on Create New Campaign.You will be asked for your name fill it and press Enter.And your name will be added in the list.

Step 5.Now find your name in the list as it will be the last one then click on your name.You will be directed to a different page and will ask you create an ADD Banner.Click on that link.

You will be shown the pop up window like this below.

Step 6.Now put any Name in the form or i suggest to put the 1st advertiser name.Then the Weight. Put it to 100 as per requirement of my demo widget,It is to tell percentage of times you want to see that add to be shown out of total page impressions,i.e if your blog receives 4 page impressions and you have choosen weight as 25 it will be shown once.

And in codes write the link and image for your add like below.

<a href=”” target=”blank”><img src=””/></a>

Change the link and image with your advertisers.

And Now Save It.

Step 7.Now one of your advertiser has been added.Now again click Add Banner and add your second advertiser.Repeat this process upto 4 times(as i have 4 advertisers in my demo widget) .You can add to any number like 6 or 8 depend upon no of your advertisers.

Step 8.After adding all advertisers Click on Get Code.
You will be shown pop up window like this below.

Note**-Please dont forget to select all option as its shown in image above Show 1 banners at time.Make it to select all in drop down.And then copy codes from window.

Copy codes from there and paste it in your sidebar by clicking on Add a page element and add the codes to HTML/Javascript.

Great Feature in this free campaign you create.
1.You can also view all statistics related to all impressions your adds got ,under your campaign page.
2.You can do this rotation not only add banners but for text links and for any text too.

I hope now you would have no problem in installing this add rotator.Best of Luck !!


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