How Make Drop Down Archive For Blogger

How To Make a Drop Down Archive For Blogger as its very easy to add it. But some still dont know how to add it in the blogger. So i am here holding a small and simple tutorial i.e how to add a drop down archive to you blogger sidebar.I hope most of us will be knowing how to add it, if not continue reading this post.

Got To Layout

Then Click On Add a Gadget

Window Will Open Then Select Blogger Archive There by clicking + sign

Now after opening it select the drop down menu option and make changes in other option as you want.

Now save it. You will see an drop down archive added to your blogger sidebar. Its simple !!!!

Thats the archive in above picture that will be installed in your sidebar.Its width will be the problem as will not adjust your sidebar.

After installing it you will feel the problem of the width of archive,how to change width of drop down archive read it here.Change width of drop down archive.

Good Luck!!!


Tomaz Vorsic said...

absolutely good-looking rss - notice bar.

Anonymous said...

how to center the drop down menu? mine is align to left. :((

Carey Suante said...

One small problem: how can there be a dropdown menu when you choose heirachy!

Anshul said...

@ tomaz Thanks yo too can use it ;;)

@ anonmous Read my next post

@ Carey i have written select dropdown menu in picture its not selected

Claudia said...

great post! do you know if its possible to change the image that is displayed as BlogArchive. It has blue on the arrow section and I would like to know if it can change to gray? thanks in advance :)

Karen said...

Thank you for this :D...if not for this i wouldn't have known that you can just pick the drop down type.;))

feliz said...

uhm is it possible to have a hierarchy menu of archive in classic templates???

Anshul said...

never tried on classic ???

neno said...

how about if i want use drop down menu, but i don't want see the title out of the box?

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