Get Start Page Like Chrome In Firefox

Now Friend you can get start page of google chrome, the feature which was liked by all of the chrome users.Even hardcore Firefox users, who jump at every opportunity to trash Google Chrome, accept that Chrome’s start page is awesome. It’s simple yet powerful and above all – usable.Every one wished that there was an equivalent feature in Firefox. And cheers to some wonderful Firefox extension developers, we now can enjoy similar functionality in Firefox too.

The start page of Firefox 3.0 is currently blank but Mozilla is working to add some Chrome like flavor to the upcoming Firefox 3.1 release. For this reason, they have just released a new about:tab add-on (xpi) that brings Chrome like features to the Firefox start page.

Just install firefox 3.1 from above link and install about tab add-on to have list of most frequently visited sites by you on your browser blank page like in chrome.

In chrome thumbnails of sites are shown up to inform of most visited sites.But in firefox it will show list of titles of sites.To view thumbnails just click the star option to switch to websites thumbnails as google chrome.

Unlike Google Chrome where the list of frequently visited websites is read-only, About:Tab for Firefox lets you re-order as well as remove websites from the list.

I am sure you would like this feature for sure.Best Of Luck !!


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