Convert Media Files With Format Factory

It seems each media device such as iPod, Zune Player, Dvd player, Microsoft Media Player etc we daily use, supports only a small number of formats at its best. Because of this we soon hit a ceiling of how to listen to our favorite songs on other devices than original or watch movies on Dvd player connected to living room Plasma, when they are in completely different not supported format. Luckily, there is a simple way to change formats with a special utility called Format Factory.

Format Factory is a free multifunctional media converter which promises to solve many problems you may be having with different media formats. It is easy to use and supports a bunch of popular formats which are intuitively divided into different sections.
When you are ready for format transformation, open program’s main interface, choose prefered format you want to be converted to and add your file. Depending on how large your file is it may take several minutes for process to complete. After that you are good to go. No longer will your favorite iPod song be playable on iPod only, but may be on every mp3 player as well.

Download Format Factor from main site.

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