Make Mozilla Firefox Load Pages Faster

Tweak Network 1.3 is the mozilla addon which will speed up the loading of web pages and increase the maximum number of simultaneous downloads from a site. If you are using Firefox browser? There are many ways to make Firefox work faster; perhaps you have ever read many tips on the internet to make Firefox faster.Now i will share a tip to make your Firefox faster which is installing Tweak Network Add-on.

It is very easy to get Tweak Network Add-on; you just need to download it here

After going there click on Add To Firefox > Then it will Ask for Install > Click Install Button > Then the Add On will get installed > It will Ask for restart of Firefox Restart it .

After you install Tweak Network Add-on, please follow the guides below.Please run your Firefox. Click Tools menu, when the options appear, click Tweak Network Settings.

Then an alert will appear Click OK. Now window will open.
Click Power button, then click Apply button ,Then Click OK Done

I hope this will speed up your mozilla if it works slow. Best of luck for this addon.Happy Browsing.


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