Why Rss Feed Count Decreased subscribers

Why Rss Feed Count Decreased subscribers?
i.e why no of subscibers count on feedburner feed count decrease and increase every day.
Thats good question asked by one rss reader of mine?

How Feed burner calculates the subscribers count on its feed widget?

It total accounts for the e-mail subscribers and no of hits given by your rss readers daily.

i.e No Of Daily Subscribers=E-mail subscribers + Hits To Your Rss Feeds

As no of e-mail subscribers are always counted on the feed and are not reduced except if the reader unsubscribe, that often not happens for good blogger.jelir

Fluctualtion comes Due to the hits given by tour Rss readers on daily schedule.

If you have 100 rss readers it depends 50 readers give you hits on that day on your new post or may be even 10 on nxt day if you have no new post and you will see an decrease in your rss feed count by 40 subscribers on the following day.

*Tip-Post Daily an article on your Blog to be an succesful Blogger

So not get tensed you all have your readerssengihnampakgigi

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