How To Earn With Bloggers (6) Selling Ad Space

This is gaining ground as a popular way of making money from blogging. But you don’t need to approach people directly to ask them if they want to advertise on your blog.

There is an ever increasing number of companies that act as a go between for the advertiser and the blogger. All you need to do is join a site like to start getting relevant ads on your website that will earn you money.

The trick is to make sure your blog doesn’t become so overcrowded with adverts that it doesn’t even look like a blog anymore. Make sure you keep a good balance between content and advertising, otherwise you will lose your readers – and they are the ones who are going to be clicking on your ads in the first place.

Banner ad networks, such as

work on your behalf to sell and serve your advertising inventory. Ad networks can simplify banner ad sales for those who lack the time or the expertise to handle administrative and sales functions necessary for a full-scale banner ad effort.

Other Networks:-

Project Wonderful is the most preferred way of sellings links on blogs , espcially 125 x 125 ads spaces are the ones that are really profitable.Set the amount you want from advertisers per a day and paste the codes to your blog , wait for advertisers to buy the place you sold for ads.Minimum payout is $10

Sample Ad:

BSA ( beta ) works like project wonderful , you can sell image ads on your blogs , but you can cash out whenever you want , their comission rate is %25 .

Sample ad:

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