How To Earn With Bloggers (5) Inline Adds

In-line Text ads are CPC links that appear in the text of your content. The links are contextually targeted to keywords in the Ad Networks’ database of advertisers to show relevant adverts. Mouse over of these links will cause a small pop-up to appear showing basic details of the advert and a click from your visitor will take the visitor to the advertiser and reward you with revenue.

Here are the reviews listed : –


Ads Rating:Adbrite has a lot of advertisers but their contextual engine seems random and shows their network ads seemingly from random.

Views: Easy set-up if you are using Adbrite already or want to use Adbrite’s other options. Being In-line text, you are bound to get clicks and revenue especially with Adbrite’s large advertiser base, sometimes clicks at over USD1 are not unheard of.


Ad Rating: We ran the In-line texts with a skyscraper banner. The loading seemed a bit slow but we did not further investigate whether this was due to the banner or the in-line text ad.

Views: We believe that the CTR of the in-line text ads shows how well the engine works and Clicksor ran in at quite a low ratio for in-line text ads. Whether this was due to the relatively short period of time we had the Ad code on our site or maybe they have not optimized their ads for our sites yet, we are not sure but CPC did not seem high neither.

Kontera is a well set up Ad Network that specializes on in-line Text Ads.

Ads Rating: Their contextual engine, ContentLink is the best out of the networks we have reviewed here as their partnership with and Dealtime means that if they do not find a relevant keyword, they will use keywords and apply them in a partner ad .. For example : ‘Sausages’ at DealTime
Millions of products, Get the best deals at DealTime! This gives the impression to your visitors that the ads are relevant to the content and increases the CTR and experience. Views: Kontera is one of our Favorite In-Line Text Ad Networks due to its ads and also steadier revenue. For our sites we average around 4% CTR and USD3 to USD3.5 eCPM.

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